[Recipe]: Hormone Friendly Pancakes


I brought back and oldie but goodie for breakfast this week - and I wanted to share!!

As most of my meals are focused around nutrition for my cycle, this fits in perfectly for those in the FOLLICULAR PHASE or the first week AFTER your bleed!

But hey, even if you don't track your cycle, maybe don't have one or in menopause, this is a great recipe to try!


A bit of a mouthful, but easy enough, that makes up for the long title! This serves 1, so dou…

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Go With Your Flow: BOD Workout Calendar

This has been a work in progress for a LONG while now, and thankful to my Beachbody family for the push to get this done for you!

I really encourage you, if you are finding challenge with your results and you know the glaring B*TCH in the whole thing is your hormones - try out this format and see how you far!

You may have interest in getting on my WAITLIST for my Hormone Balancing Course that will be coming soon! This will be a full circle approach to match your nutrition with your cycle! I can ha…

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Will lifting heavy make me bulky?


Here's a big myth, and I just had to get this off my chest. You'll hear 945 different trainers, male & female alike, swear upside down and sideways, that lifting heavy WILL NOT build bulk in women. 🤔

And honestly drives me nuts! 🤬


A few things to consider when lifting heavy and whether or not YOU will build bulk:

* HORMONES: This is a big one and one that trainers don’t bring up with women. EVERY female has a different hormone structure - some carry more testosterone than others,…

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Workouts & Your Hormones

Does the type of workout you do really matter - during your hormone cycles?

Short answer - YES!

Now, whether you do anything about it, is up to you! But, hear me out, as not only do I work to teach you to become hormone adapted through nutrition (Eating for Energy), but tying your workouts to this process, could just open that holy grail for you!

Light bulb??! Read on....or hit the READY TO START button, and hang on sister, it's go-time!



Ok, back to it. Here's why being an advocate for your cycle …

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How to make your Resolution a reality!

Who’s ready to kick some ass in 2021? 💥
I’m sure that was everyone’s goal coming into 2020 as well….but interesting what came of that, eh? 😬
Before you settle in on making ALL the plans for 2021 - you must first bless & release the year prior.
Find what you learned from the year you leave behind - what good did it bring to you? What experiences did you have, you may not have otherwise? Appreciate it for what it taught you - hardships and…

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Hormones, Food & Weight Loss

Eating For Energy - GRAB THIS FIRST!

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What does food and hormones have in common?? 

A LOT!!! Who knew….to the average person. Right? 

I mean just as you think you’ve figure out what foods work for your desired results….WHAM! Full stop. Nothing changes. Plateau. And heck, perhaps even some weight gain.

And you eat healthy…..ALL THE TIME! Like organic this, low carb that, unprocessed everything, nuts, seeds, limit sugars...the whole nine yard…

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Beachbody's Free Workout HUB

This has me GIDDY - you guys - some of the MAJOR workouts that I've completed over the last 12 mos, are all in one cute package to try each, as a sample - for FREE!

These are our most popular programs, so you can get a taste of the style of workout, the trainers energy and if you catch the vibe for wanting to do the complete program!

Note: A Beachbody On Demand membership is required to access the full program.

10 Rounds

Joel Freeman’s shadow boxing program consists of three days of boxing tr…

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New Boxing & Strength Workout

Are you all....."WHAAAAA, another workout??" HELL to the yes!!!!

Seriously, variety is the spice of life. It's ok to be totally obsessed to 1 format of a workout, but it's super healthy to change up your workouts, to keep your body guessing!

And this new one....well, it's another one from Joel....and well, he's hot!!


Not familiar with him?

Joel is the creator of LIIFT4 and Core De Force. He is an energetic as HECK and a super dynamic trainer that is RESULTS DRIVEN with his workouts.

This new program…

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Coaching In A Nutshell

What is Beachbody?

Beachbody is an internationally known, highly reputable company with products featured on TV, radio, magazines, talk shows and is used by a countless number of celebrities - Tom Brady, Minnie Driver, to name a few! They've been creating the #1 home workouts in the industry, for over 20 years! As a result, the Coach Network came about to help customers see results as a complimentary perk.

How to Make Money?

  • 25% DIRECT COMMISSION on ALL retail sales
  • Team Cycle Bonus: indire…

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