[RECORDING] Macro Minded Workshop

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WHAT A NIGHT!! Thank you to all that opted in to being on this Workshop! I had a blast and was honored to serve you! 

As promised, here is the recording for you to re-watch/listen.

This is where you will learn how to leverage a macro-based nutrition strategy, without the overwhelm.

I'm going to show you how 100's of my clients drop body fat and increase their confidence, by counting macros.

This is  applicable to anyone going through a physical transformation or looking …

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5 Ways to Find More Time!

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How often do you truly take inventory of your daily activities? Like legit, sit down and write down EVERYTHING you do in a 24 hour period?

If not, and you are always "so busy", "don't have time...", I challenge you to take 2 weeks (ok, fine even ONE WEEK) to document EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY you do in a day! 

If you've done it before, and it's been a hot minute, go revisit your log or do it again. Have behaviors changed? You see pockets of opportunity? 

We live on a society where "I'm so busy" o…

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Simple Breath Meditation

Who here meditates? Like ANY kind of meditation. Guided, quiet, 1 min, 5 mins, etc?

I dabbled in Meditation last year, as a need to focus the chaos in my brain (among other things I do). 
I need more clarity. I need more calm. I need more tools. I'm ALWAYS thinking, so need a way to channel the quiet. 
I’m no guru on meditation - like NOT ONE BIT. 
But when something resonates with me, you better believe I'm going to tell you about it. 
Are you like me, where you suffer from t…

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5 Simple Hacks to establishing an Iron-Clad routine!

Do you find when you are out of your routine, the wheels just fall off in other areas of your life too?

Man, if the Summer isn't a reminder of how much I appreciate the "school-year routine", I don't know what is.

Seriously, I thrive on routines personally, as do my kids!! So I won't lie when I say, I'm pretty happy to be back into our school routine, as I think we all just get along better! You know what I mean?

I thought I'd share how I recalibrate myself, and our family, in getting things back s…

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Momstrong Transformation Journal

You need this journal. Plain & simple.

I'll explain why, thought, as everyone likes to know why they need this in their life.



So let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Have you tried every diet known to man? Yup, me too.
  2. Have you tried every journal or even TRIED to get into journaling, but nothing had all the right things you need?
  3. Do you have a journal for food tracking, then affirmations and maybe your to-do list?? Yah, me too!
Over the last 10…

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