Oh hey, welcome! 

I'm Taryn! 


I couldn't be more thrilled and honored to have you here! I want you to feel like you and I can be BFF's and that you FEEL IT, whole heartedly, that I've got your back! 

Our respective journey's are unique. Not cookie cutter. So we should never expect to find a plan or program that is. BUT, the good news is, because I've been determined, I've peel back some layers and uncovered some BAD ASS information, that will make it all click with you too! 

I've been on this quest to figure out ALL THE THINGS, since I started to see things change for me, after Baby #2 in 2008. I had 25 lbs of weight that I just couldn't shake.  Not to mention, I was new at the whole stay-at-home-Mom game, having come from a career I LOVED, in Commercial Real Estate. I loved being a working Mom - I mean, I am still now, but it's different - even 4 kids later!

I've tried just about EVERYTHING out there (I'm a sucker for good marketing). Some worked, some didn't, some I learned A LOT from and some inspired me to go back to school for Nutrition, as well as grow my fitness specialties. For those that know me from college - GO COUGS - will laugh I went back to school, as I couldn't get out of college, soon enough. I even failed my first semester! Oops! But, spoiler alert, I graduated in 4 years, and had fun along the way! 

As I'm sure you are, I’m the type that when something clicks, I want to tell everyone! Whether it's some sweat proof leggings, cute joggers or chocolate that won't break the calorie bank!  And once it clicked that what worked for someone else, wasn't going to necessarily work for me, I knew I had something exciting to work on with clients.  You see, we are like an 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that seems daunting at the start, but with a little patience, guidance and some wine, we figure it out! 

My hope and goal is to help you to STOP chasing all the diet plans, only to find yourself in this awful hamster wheel, as if it's groundhogs day. 

I mean, how many times have you said -  "I'll start Monday!" or "I'll try Keto for 2 weeks." or....

What I realized in all my research, that unless you figure out the root cause you are facing (lack of results), you’ll chase every diet plan known to man, that you can find on the interweb. Will you agree with me, that we need to put a stop to that? But trust, it’s a PROCESS! We will get you there, I promise, but will take patience, tweaking and some more patience. But believe it will be WORTH IT!!

 So buckle up, sister! We are going to DO THIS....together! 

 All my love,


Taryn Perry

“Taryn! Seriously, WTF? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why I've been gaining weight when I'm eating healthy! What gives?”

Taryn Perry

“I'm the queen of healthy eating and since I hit my 40s, something has shifted and I can't figure out why I can't drop a single pound, let along hte extra 10 that's crept on to my a$$ lately!”

Taryn Perry

“There's so much I want to do but I feel like I never have any time. I hit the ground running but never seem to finish what I really need to do, or worse, forget. It's an anxious feeling that stinks. Help!”

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