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Are you overwhelmed trying to understand the delicate balance of your body's chemistry, raging hormones, and temperamental metabolism?

I get it, and I'm here to help!

Like it or not, food plays a HUGE role in whether we will see fat loss or not…but that DOES NOT have to be a negative thing.

And what if we took out the goal of going for WEIGHT LOSS….

(Yes, forget about Weight Loss!!)


Instead focus on FAT LOSS!

 Taryn 2008 2022

This is my journey from 2008, to-date (2022). 

Fat loss naturally happens when the foods you eat:

  • Increase your energy 
  • Regulate your hormones




Others are JUST LIKE YOU:

450+ clients just like you just like have come to me after trying "all the things". They are  totally exhausted and burnt out on workouts and nutritional planning. After working with them for just 2 weeks, they started noticing the changes they had been chasing.

 I can help you do the same. 

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Sharon K says:

"I feel really good. My energy is getting better. The protein really helps! This has been a great experience for me! Thank you for your help!"

 What most fail to acknowledge are a few things that went into that “after” result:

  1. Did the person do something drastic that was short term, nutrient deficient and unsustainable? 
  2. What’s their age, history with dieting, culture, hormone situation and about 18 other physical back-stories, that aren’t mentioned?
  3. Lastly, which I think is the BIGGEST QUESTION to ask - if you were to check them out in 3-6 mos down the road, have they kept their results?

I asked a few clients to share with me how they were feeling before we got started. Here’s what a few shared:

“Overwhelmed. Too many things to try and trying to figure out which is more feasible.”

“Not knowing what to eat. Between busy kid schedules, work and everyday household items trying to think of what to eat throughout the day that the whole family would like is a challenge.”

“I don’t know what to eat and how body chemistry affects good food making it bad.”

 “It’s expensive to eat healthy regardless when people say it’s not. It is. Making healthy affordable delicious meals that make it easy to stick to a better way of life. Motivation is another big one. I have zero motivation that makes me move even though I know I want to lose weight. I do feel my hormones are playing a huge role in my mindset.”

Here's how you get started: 

You are the ONLY one that knows your body well enough, to take information from what you eat, how you move your body and sleep, to translate it into whether it’s working or not.

Instead of it being this “diet mentality”, “food restriction”, “I can’t have a life” or “my family won’t get on board” mentality, what if you were more EMPOWERED to realize….

These things matter when considering a nutrition strategy that’s DESIGNED for you! 

This process DOES NOT have to be miserable. You can find joy & excitement out of it, because 


You aren’t being forced to eat foods you hate! 

You can find the balance of your favorite foods, while still seeing results (within reason). 

I won’t tell you you can eat donuts & ho-ho’s and still get shredded. 

But you can still enjoy your date nights, you family favorite meals and even your treats. 

And I’ll walk you through how to get to that point. 

Here’s what we have to change: 


Yup, we have to get you out of the dieting hopping! Which results in yo-yo dieting, right? 

That’s the OLD YOU!

You have to get out of this cycle - or you’ll get stuck! And you know what, you’ll transfer these behaviors to your kids, and they will be faced with the same challenges and struggles.


This is what’s happening with your “DIETING MENTALITY”:

  • You are wasting a shit TON (can I swear with you??)
  • You are wasting a shit TON of money, jumping around
  • You are jacking up your metabolism by depriving yourself, thinking it’s suppose to work
  • It’s leading to you binging on the weekends, because you “ate clean during the week”
  • You are discouraged and keep giving up, because NOTHING is working

It doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore… 

Introducing:  BECOME MACRO MINDED Course.


Here's what you can expect inside the Macro Minded course:

Blue Arrow 40+ Lessons of education and execution (science) behind calculating your macros

Blue ArrowBi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Blue Arrow [NEW] 7 Day JUMPSTART Meal Guide 

Blue Arrow [NEW] Complete Macro-Friendly Meal Book

Blue Arrow Wellness Workbook (Download)

Blue ArrowPrivate Community for Support, Accountability and resourcing

Blue Arrow Monthly seasonal meal plans available (additional fee, starting Month 3)

Blue Arrow Exclusive invite to new workouts & first dibs on brand new launches

So much more to it than this too...the experience, the results, the ah-ha's - are PRICELESS!

This is for you if: 

  • You are a women in your mid 30's to late 40's 
  • Your body doesn't tend to respond to fitness & nutrition like it used to
  • You are overwhelmed with what to eat, when and how much
  • You have hormone deficiencies and not certain how to support them nutritionally
  • You workout and do all the things, but still no FAT LOSS
  • You are plain pissed off and need structure



The only SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS PLAN, is the one designed for you! 

And YOU have a starring role! You get to be a co-creator in the plan, with my help.

You won’t be alone. There is a community of INCREDIBLE women going through the same thing. 

Kiana Success Story


If I'm in peri-menopause, can I still follow a macro-based nutrition program? 

  • YES! In fact, I highly encourage you getting a handle on one now, so you can be physically and mentally ready to transition into menopause. 

I have gone through menopause, have gained 15lbs, will this program help me with weight loss? 

  • Yes, again, our goal is to focus on FAT LOSS vs weight loss. Anyone can lose weight, but we want to focus on a healthy body composition that has you feeling energized and confident. 

I have [PSOC, Endometriosis, Hyper or Hypo Thyroidism, Hashimotos - or insert specific health issue], can I still expect results? 

  • Yes, anytime you prioritize your nutrition,  you'll experience a health benefit. However, I always recommend you consult with your medical practitioner before making any changes. 

Ok, game on sister! No one wants to live with regret, so let's get to work!