5 Ways to Find More Time!

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How often do you truly take inventory of your daily activities? Like legit, sit down and write down EVERYTHING you do in a 24 hour period?

If not, and you are always "so busy", "don't have time...", I challenge you to take 2 weeks (ok, fine even ONE WEEK) to document EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY you do in a day! 

If you've done it before, and it's been a hot minute, go revisit your log or do it again. Have behaviors changed? You see pockets of opportunity? 

We live on a society where "I'm so busy" o…

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Simple Breath Meditation

Who here meditates? Like ANY kind of meditation. Guided, quiet, 1 min, 5 mins, etc?

I dabbled in Meditation last year, as a need to focus the chaos in my brain (among other things I do). 
I need more clarity. I need more calm. I need more tools. I'm ALWAYS thinking, so need a way to channel the quiet. 
I’m no guru on meditation - like NOT ONE BIT. 
But when something resonates with me, you better believe I'm going to tell you about it. 
Are you like me, where you suffer from t…

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Set your 90-Day HARD TARGET Goals

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With every new year comes a clean slate…and the ambitious goal to fire up some new goals! 
This year, it will be different! 
How many times have you told yourself that? 
How many times have you woke up with great intentions, only to be derailed due to lack of motivation, a partner that drags you down or negative thoughts that you don't have what it takes? 
Let's cut the BS out now, and move past that, shall we? 
Renew. Reset. Breathe. 
I jumped into a Coaching program tha…

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New Boxing & Strength Workout

Are you all....."WHAAAAA, another workout??" HELL to the yes!!!!

Seriously, variety is the spice of life. It's ok to be totally obsessed to 1 format of a workout, but it's super healthy to change up your workouts, to keep your body guessing!

And this new one....well, it's another one from Joel....and well, he's hot!!


Not familiar with him?

Joel is the creator of LIIFT4 and Core De Force. He is an energetic as HECK and a super dynamic trainer that is RESULTS DRIVEN with his workouts.

This new program…

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Coaching In A Nutshell

What is Beachbody?

Beachbody is an internationally known, highly reputable company with products featured on TV, radio, magazines, talk shows and is used by a countless number of celebrities - Tom Brady, Minnie Driver, to name a few! They've been creating the #1 home workouts in the industry, for over 20 years! As a result, the Coach Network came about to help customers see results as a complimentary perk.

How to Make Money?

  • 25% DIRECT COMMISSION on ALL retail sales
  • Team Cycle Bonus: indire…

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Eat for Energy: 4 Weeks to Reboot Your Metabolism

Dear Hormones.....time to make you my b*tch.

Let's allow that to be your theme as you take back control of your hormones and begin EATING FOR ENERGY....what to you think?

I totally get it too! You are COMPLETELY frustrated that despite “eating healthy”, you are still carrying excess water weight or that annoying 5-10, even 20+ lbs? 

What if those “healthy foods” that are deemed to be the holy grail of all foods to assure you’ll live your best life, is making you feel miserable…

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21 Day Holiday Challenge



What if we looked at the holiday’s a little differently each year?

Not so much fear and worry about gaining weight over it, but comfort and ease, knowing we can ENJOY them, treat ourselves and STILL maintain, or better yet, LOSE weight while focusing on going into 2020 (hello BARRE BLEND), healthy and with a solid mindset? 

I’m excited to stick together during the Holiday season, be accountable for 21 days, during the 2 holidays that tend to send us …

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What is this Morning Meltdown 100?

Remember when there were 80 Day Obsession was released? And we all scratched our heads, started to freak out, saw people get amazing results, launched a release window just for coaches, and then jumped in with both feet?

Yup. Let's done it again - but for 100 days! You in?

The one thing that I love is that Beachbody is always creating new programs to keep my body from hitting a plateau.  I also get bored rather easily and I love to switch it up. So this is perfect timing for the Morning Meltdown p…

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Do These 14 Things Before Starting a Program

If you haven’t exercised or tried to eat clean in a while (or ever), the first day of a 30-, 60-, or 90-day fitness and nutrition program can feel intimidating. The thought of embarking on a weight-loss journey can seem overwhelming.  So much so, it can be paralyzing. It doesn’t have to.

The reason why I'm wanting to bridge the gap between people starting and stopping, is the simplicity it can be, in just getting set up right.

These are simple suggestions that you can do to prepare your mind (and …

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DIY Momstrong Makeover

DIY Health Makeover

If you are like me, I'm usually stubborn to say, "give me the information, and I'll figure it out on my own." Until I'm overwhelmed and decide, I need to be told what to do, and work with someone on it.

But, I wanted to put this DIY Kit together for you, so you could start learning how to turn things around today! Even if you decide down the road, you need more support. We can always chat options.

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