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New Boxing & Strength Workout

Are you all....."WHAAAAA, another workout??" HELL to the yes!!!!

Seriously, variety is the spice of life. It's ok to be totally obsessed to 1 format of a workout, but it's super healthy to change up your workouts, to keep your body guessing!

And this new one....well, it's another one from Joel....and well, he's hot!!


Not familiar with him?

Joel is the creator of LIIFT4 and Core De Force. He is an energetic as HECK and a super dynamic trainer that is RESULTS DRIVEN with his workouts.

This new program…

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21 Day Holiday Challenge



What if we looked at the holiday’s a little differently each year?

Not so much fear and worry about gaining weight over it, but comfort and ease, knowing we can ENJOY them, treat ourselves and STILL maintain, or better yet, LOSE weight while focusing on going into 2020 (hello BARRE BLEND), healthy and with a solid mindset? 

I’m excited to stick together during the Holiday season, be accountable for 21 days, during the 2 holidays that tend to send us …

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The Next Ultimate Momstrong Challenge

Remember way back when those rainbow portion control containers came out?

We all scratched our heads and were COMPLETELY overwhelmed with how to make them work? Yes, those ones. The good news is, we figured them out for you!

Even BETTER NEWS, Autumn, who created them & 21 Day Fix/Extreme, is back and revamping the nutrition program to make it EVEN BETTER!  You guys, I am so excited for you to experience this program! Portion controlled containers are game changers for those that S T R U G G L E …

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Beachbody All Access - The Netflix of Fitness

What Is The All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack & Membership


If you follow me on my Facebook page Taryn Perry - Fitness, Nutrition, & Motherhood you might have saw my Live broadcast on the exciting news that Beachbody has for us! I am not completely sure I have every given the complete run down on what Beachbody On Demand is, so first let me give you the spill on that!

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Fitness & Nutrition Support Group for Stay At Home Mom's

Are you a breastfeeding Mom?

Do you have multiple aged kids?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with how and where to start?

Never feel like you have time for yourself?

Do you feel exhausted every day?

Do you struggle with the hormones and how they hold on to your Mom Bod?

Do you find that every free minute you have should be spent on chores, instead of yourself?

As you know, I've been running fitness and nutrition support groups for fellow Mom's for many years now, and as a result,  there has been so…

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