Fitness & Nutrition Support Group for Stay At Home Mom's

Are you a breastfeeding Mom?

Do you have multiple aged kids?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with how and where to start?

Never feel like you have time for yourself?

Do you feel exhausted every day?

Do you struggle with the hormones and how they hold on to your Mom Bod?

Do you find that every free minute you have should be spent on chores, instead of yourself?

As you know, I've been running fitness and nutrition support groups for fellow Mom's for many years now, and as a result,  there has been some AMAZING results had, because of them!  Why?  ACCOUNTABILITY!!

Here's what they are saying:

...this group has helped me to get up and workout and eat right every day including the holidays for almost 90 days and for that I am incredibly grateful. In addition to the physical successes I have a ton more energy, a new goal at all times and a new love of fitness for my health and so that I know I will be around and healthy for my son. -Felice D. (lost 47 pounds in 5 mos, post-baby)

I tried 4 times (to complete 1 round of P90X) and always felt so frustrated that I struggled to do it by myself. When I heard about this accountability group from my coach I knew that was the piece I had been missing. I started P90X the day after my daughter turned 1 and now I am just a week away from completing the entire 

program! I have lost 20 pounds, 15 inches and gained more muscle definition than I had when I played collegiate volleyball. 

- Trina A. (now a new Coach)

Multiple times, I have started and stopped programs. I am so excited to say that with the help of my fellow challengers, I am completing my first 90 days following through with Chalean Extreme. While I'm not near my goals, this was a huge hurdle that I am thrilled to overcome. Checking in with my friends in the challenge group has become addicting too! I look forward to our 30 day marks to see how we've all succeeded.  - Lindsey O. (now a new Coach) 


What if You Were Finally Able to Turn Your Hard Work Into Your Very Own Success Story?  

The possibilities are endless!

What if you took me up on this opportunity and FINALLY got the results you have longed for?

What if you were able to fit back into those "skinny" jeans'?

What if you could feel AWESOME waking up every day because you took care of yourself the day before through proper exercise and nutrition?

What if you knew it would only take 30 minutes a day?

What if you could eliminate some of your daily medication?  What if...?  What if....??
✓  Accountability + Motivation + Support = RESULTS
What to Expect?

1. I will personally give you guidance on a workout system that is suited for your goals, needs and abilities. They will range from 22 minutes to 30 minutes a day.

2. You will get an accompanying nutrition plan, meal ideas, prepping tools/ideas to take out the guess work.

3. You will have me as a personal Coach to partner with you through this, in addition to access to my exclusive group of other Mom's who get it, to be another layer of support and connection.

We will be replacing one meal (or snack) with SHAKEOLOGY.  Yes, if you do not have Shakeology, that would mean you would have to be willing to invest in it (check out some Shakeology reviews>>> CLICK HERE <<<<)… because if I am going to invest my time in working with you one on one… I need to know that you are willing to invest in your own health first!

What is in each Challenge Pack?

✓  30 Days of Shakeology (Home Direct)
✓  Fitness Program (see below) matched to YOUR needs & goals
✓  Team Beachbody®Club (*30-Day FREE trial!)
✓  Super Saving Shipping discount!

Here are the Fitness Programs to choose from in each pack:  challengepacks





Here's a snapshot of the upfront savings you'll receive with each package option:

Discount Prices

We are all starting with different goals and needs, but with ONE common need. We want to get fit, healthy and have a balance being busy Mom's.

So, you are committing to START and FINISH this entire program, not for me, but for yourself. For yourself, for your family and for your sanity!

TOGETHER, the 90 DAY JOURNEY will begin. Checking in EVERYDAY, without exception!

I have a private Facebook book group I've created that I personally Coach & support everyone, while I'm going through my own transformation as well. You will have unconditional access to me, as your personal Coach, which means, I will even be giving my cell # out to the participants.

Now to be upfront, this IS a commitment - ON MY PART and YOURS.  All the more reason, if you tell me you are ready to commit, I will expect your 110% dedication, as you will get mine, as well.  By participating in this challenge, I'll know you are really ready to change your life.   But I do believe it could be something that will not only make me a better coach for having gone through it… but will leave 5 people COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED at the end!!

All truth, I don’t want to  just "sell" you a program…..I want to "sell" you on the RESULTS.

So, if in just 30 days you don’t feel like you’re getting the results you want, I want you to get a FULL REFUND.  No harm no foul….I deserve to lose the commission if the you fail to see measurable results*, due to my lack of interaction.  Now granted I can’t literally do the workout for you, but I can damn make sure you’re hearing from me on a daily basis and you know I’m there waiting on you.  You will have my personal cell phone number, but , believe me when I say, if I don’t hear from you….you’ll be hearing from me.





But here's what I can only  hope is in it for you:
✓  Accountability + Motivation + Support = RESULTS
✓  Recommitment on life - living it healthy & be able to make the RIGHT choices!
✓  FREE (30-day) meal planning & recipes
✓  My personal commitment to YOU
Oh...and almost forgot:
It’s our health and fitness contest that will help you achieve your fitness goals and give you a chance to WIN some serious cash. If you want to get fit, now is the time to do it. Use any Beachbody® program and share your results for a FREE T-shirt and a chance to win more than $100,000!
  • Daily Prizes*: $500
  • Monthly Prizes: $1,000
  • Quarterly Prizes: $5,000 and an expenses-paid trip
  • The Grand Prizes: $100,000!
If you would like to be considered and are willing to make ALL the commitments above, then… what are you waiting for?!?!

Fill out this Challenge Request Form, and I will be in touch with you ASAP, to align you with the right program to get you on your way to your own #mombod!

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Make it COUNT!

Your parter in health & fitness.


* Results will vary.


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