[RECORDING] Macro Minded Workshop

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WHAT A NIGHT!! Thank you to all that opted in to being on this Workshop! I had a blast and was honored to serve you! 

As promised, here is the recording for you to re-watch/listen.

This is where you will learn how to leverage a macro-based nutrition strategy, without the overwhelm.

I'm going to show you how 100's of my clients drop body fat and increase their confidence, by counting macros.

This is  applicable to anyone going through a physical transformation or looking …

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5 Ways to Find More Time!

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How often do you truly take inventory of your daily activities? Like legit, sit down and write down EVERYTHING you do in a 24 hour period?

If not, and you are always "so busy", "don't have time...", I challenge you to take 2 weeks (ok, fine even ONE WEEK) to document EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY you do in a day! 

If you've done it before, and it's been a hot minute, go revisit your log or do it again. Have behaviors changed? You see pockets of opportunity? 

We live on a society where "I'm so busy" o…

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Simple Breath Meditation

Who here meditates? Like ANY kind of meditation. Guided, quiet, 1 min, 5 mins, etc?

I dabbled in Meditation last year, as a need to focus the chaos in my brain (among other things I do). 
I need more clarity. I need more calm. I need more tools. I'm ALWAYS thinking, so need a way to channel the quiet. 
I’m no guru on meditation - like NOT ONE BIT. 
But when something resonates with me, you better believe I'm going to tell you about it. 
Are you like me, where you suffer from t…

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Set your 90-Day HARD TARGET Goals

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With every new year comes a clean slate…and the ambitious goal to fire up some new goals! 
This year, it will be different! 
How many times have you told yourself that? 
How many times have you woke up with great intentions, only to be derailed due to lack of motivation, a partner that drags you down or negative thoughts that you don't have what it takes? 
Let's cut the BS out now, and move past that, shall we? 
Renew. Reset. Breathe. 
I jumped into a Coaching program tha…

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How to make your Resolution a reality!

Who’s ready to kick some ass in 2021? 💥
I’m sure that was everyone’s goal coming into 2020 as well….but interesting what came of that, eh? 😬
Before you settle in on making ALL the plans for 2021 - you must first bless & release the year prior.
Find what you learned from the year you leave behind - what good did it bring to you? What experiences did you have, you may not have otherwise? Appreciate it for what it taught you - hardships and…

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Holiday Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

By now you all know that I'm all about the easy and tangible tools that you can use to make a change in your health and fitness. Hell, my holiday Bet on Yourself group is almost SOLD OUT, solely because people are eager to change their holiday eating habits, and get out of the "I'll work out harder, to work that off" mentality.

Being mindful of what we're eating is such an important piece for us on days like Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. Would you believe me if I told you, if you became…

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5 Simple Hacks to establishing an Iron-Clad routine!

Do you find when you are out of your routine, the wheels just fall off in other areas of your life too?

Man, if the Summer isn't a reminder of how much I appreciate the "school-year routine", I don't know what is.

Seriously, I thrive on routines personally, as do my kids!! So I won't lie when I say, I'm pretty happy to be back into our school routine, as I think we all just get along better! You know what I mean?

I thought I'd share how I recalibrate myself, and our family, in getting things back s…

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What is this Morning Meltdown 100?

Remember when there were 80 Day Obsession was released? And we all scratched our heads, started to freak out, saw people get amazing results, launched a release window just for coaches, and then jumped in with both feet?

Yup. Let's done it again - but for 100 days! You in?

The one thing that I love is that Beachbody is always creating new programs to keep my body from hitting a plateau.  I also get bored rather easily and I love to switch it up. So this is perfect timing for the Morning Meltdown p…

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My Top Holiday Hacks

Enjoy ALL things Holiday - while still being in a positive weight loss mindset!

Is it just me or did the holiday's creep up behind us??

I feel like I was JUST celebrating my 40th (last month), trick o' treating with the kids and now it's THANKSGIVING?

This used to be the most CHALLENGING time of year for me. I'm talking MAJOR slippery slope. One party would lead to another, would lead to a "f*ck it" mentality and I would deal with the aftermath I did to my body, after the first of the year. Lame …

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3 Things Every Mom Needs to Know About Their Postpartum Body

You know what I love about Social Media, especially Instagram? You get to meet some really cool, like-minded people. I met Austyn (which, I LOVE how she spells her name) through Instagram (be sure to follow her on IG: Parachute_Mom, and was instantly attracted (not in a weird way) to her vibe, and once I got to reading her blog, she was TOTALLY someone I related with!!
So, Austyn and I got to talking and we collaborated on the idea to share one another’s strength, in talking about motherhood a…

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