How to make your Resolution a reality!

Who’s ready to kick some ass in 2021? 💥
I’m sure that was everyone’s goal coming into 2020 as well….but interesting what came of that, eh? 😬
Before you settle in on making ALL the plans for 2021 - you must first bless & release the year prior.
Find what you learned from the year you leave behind - what good did it bring to you? What experiences did you have, you may not have otherwise? Appreciate it for what it taught you - hardships and all.

Now, how to make a resolution become a reality??


I encourage you to find a quiet space, leave all distractions at the door - including your device -  and sit in the quiet and calm to meditate over what your theme or mantra will be going into the new year.

Allow a WORD or THEME to come to mind that you can remind yourself of daily!
Here's mine, I wanted to share! And from here, I do a brain map to fulfill categories in my life that will help support it! I walk through how I do this in my Vision Call - the recording is here for you:
Sure, maybe you want to lose weight, but it has to be deeper than that! Do you want to be more committed to something? Do you want more abundance? Do you want to be more structured? Or nourished - I saw a client share that and LOVED this one!
Sitting in the quiet with calming music and a journal, allow your thoughts to flow freely and see what you come up with. No judgement.
Now, honoring the plans to get your health in order, start a new hobby or commit to something that mantra or theme, and let's remind ourselves of a few things.
⚡️ BE PATIENT with yourself! If your goal is to shed any pandemic weight, BE PATIENT. The weight didn’t come on over night, so don’t expect it to fall off in 24 hrs either…or even 2 weeks for that matter.
REALITY CHECK - Plan for a solid 6 months of consistency, in order to see sustainable results. Speaking of….
⚡️ SUSTAINABLE. Before you dive into any one program, ask yourself if it’s sustainable. Can you see yourself living or eating like that for the rest of your life? Remember - this is about your HEALTH! Not a race to drop the most weight the quickest!
⚡️ TRUST YOUR GUT. There are 435 programs out there, assuring you effective weight loss. Will they work? Sure, if you follow them. Are they healthy? Not always. Be weary of the ones that will tell you *need a product in order for results.
⚡️ WORKOUTS. Diving into a new workout regime? Go easy on yourself. If your activity level has been light, GO EASY! You should NOT workout longer or lift heavier, right out of the gates. Start with a walk, light yoga, Barre, short bike ride or even MEDITATE!
⚡️ THE WHY. This is one I always ask my clients - WHY ARE YOU COMMITTING to this? What’s the attachment to the outcome? If it’s deep rooted and emotional - be passionate and dedicated to the change. Don’t just do it for the vanity or pant size. What would the smaller pant size or number on the scale, mean to you??
Last thought - cleanses or detox’s. 🤔Are they good for you?
Depends on the one you are doing - or WHY you are doing it. The right nutrition, hydration, sleep and movement, can “detox” a lot, however there are some nutrient dense cleanses - I just caution them, as many gravitate to them for the quick fix. That will never support sustainable health, if that’s your #1 goals.
We cover a lot of this and more, in my Eating for Energy Metabolism Reboot. Yes, it's about recalibrating your body to leverage proper nutrients for better hormone function and health, but I love to tackle the mindset as well! That has to be restored before anything else will fall into place!
What's your theme or mantra for the new year? Will you share it below in the comments?
And, if you want to do a deep dive into how to work with your hormones, take my Eating for Energy 4-Week course! You'll learn SO much about yourself, it's crazy!
Much love and cheers to an amazing year ahead!


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