3 Things Every Mom Needs to Know About Their Postpartum Body

You know what I love about Social Media, especially Instagram? You get to meet some really cool, like-minded people. I met Austyn (which, I LOVE how she spells her name) through Instagram (be sure to follow her on IG: Parachute_Mom, and was instantly attracted (not in a weird way) to her vibe, and once I got to reading her blog, she was TOTALLY someone I related with!!
So, Austyn and I got to talking and we collaborated on the idea to share one another’s strength, in talking about motherhood and the respective challenges it comes to earning our bodies back.
I wanted to share a blog post that think EVERY Mother can relate to.  OH! And be sure to read to the bottom, as she has a fun free book for you to download.

What every postpartum Mom needs to know....


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