My Top Holiday Hacks

Enjoy ALL things Holiday - while still being in a positive weight loss mindset!

Is it just me or did the holiday's creep up behind us??

I feel like I was JUST celebrating my 40th (last month), trick o' treating with the kids and now it's THANKSGIVING?

This used to be the most CHALLENGING time of year for me. I'm talking MAJOR slippery slope. One party would lead to another, would lead to a "f*ck it" mentality and I would deal with the aftermath I did to my body, after the first of the year. Lame mindset.

Sound familiar?

New mindset. Over the years I had to refine the way I think about this time of year and that it DID NOT always have to result in weight gain. For years I was able to maintain my weight, if I wasn't in weight loss mode, and for those years I was trying to lose, I DID!

Here's my best hacks!

1. Don't skip your typical meal schedule. Better yet, start your day with Shakeology! This will likely be the healthiest meal you'll have for the day.

2. Stay hydrated. Make it your JOB to drink water throughout the day. Especially the 16 oz before you sit down for each meal, especially dinner.

3. Be present. Remember what Thanksgiving is about. Family, gratitude, friendship, life. It doesn't have to be a holiday that we gorge ourselves.

4. Grab a smaller plate. Load your plate up with veggies most and limit yourself to 1 pass through the food line.

5. Eat like it's a marathon. There isn't a prize for finishing first (ok, so that's a tough comparison, as everyone wants to win their marathon). Chew your food 20-25 times. Slow down and appreciate the effort it took to have the food in front of you.

6. Do NOT go hungry. If you are going to a friends or family members house, have a small (veggie loaded) snack before going. You'll be less apt to over eat if you already have food.

7. Prioritize your treats. Grandma making her traditional Pumpkin Pie? You have a favorite Apple Crisp? Enjoy them. Make it worth it and move on. You can still experience weight loss not over doing it on the desserts. Take a bit of each favorite and put the fork down.

8. Check the scale the next day. If you subconsciously know you are going to use the tool tomorrow, you may be more accountable.

9. Dinner & done. Move away from the table after dinner. Don't tempt yourself to graze. Stay busy. Encourage a family activity, help clean up, grab some water and be social and grateful.

Last and certainly NOT the least, go into your holiday plans with a pre-mediated plan. Meaning, know what you are willing to treat yourself to and where you draw the line! Do NOT restrict yourself, as that's an OLD's one day. Enjoy it, with confidence. If you are working with me, you know you have the tools to get back to it, tomorrow (DO NOT wait for Monday!).

I went in full detail Live to my Mindset Nutrition clients, so feel free to listen in and watch what I shared!!!



Ok, don't forget, I will always be here to help you with your trackers! I'm stoked one of my 2B Clients is down over 40+ lbs!!! And also, to see that Liz is creeping closer and closer to her goal, as is Julia C., and Monica who is down over 6 lbs during her postpartum journey!!

I get the holidays may be a tough time to get a handle on things, but I'm taking on my next {small} group of clients in December, to work through a positive weight loss mentality!

Be sure to check in with me or you can fill out this form here, and we can chat from here!


Much love,



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