Thriving in a Toxic Environment, with Brooke Erickson, MS, CN

Thriving in a Toxic Environment, with Brooke Erickson, MS, CN Taryn Swears Taryn Perry

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I was so excited to be joined by my friend Brooke Erickson, who is a functional nutritionist and the founder of Nourish Thrive. She specializes in a HUGE laundry list of digestive disorders and chronic health issues like mitochondrial dysfunction, autoimmune issues, histamine intolerances, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, diabetes, fertility, and preconception, to name just a few.

In this episode, Brooke unpacks how to navigate living in a toxic world. She shares her personal, and then professional, journey into nutrition. She breaks down the science behind toxins, and how they impact our bodies. 

Brooke outlines what you can do at home to start that detoxification process, like focusing on the quality of your food and water, purchasing products from glass containers, and avoiding fragrances and plastics. You DON’T need to get rid of everything you own! Instead, when you run out of a product, RESEARCH before you replace. 

Key topics: 

  • Introductions (00:05) 
  • Brooke Erickson (01:09)
  • Brookes career path (03:08)
  • Environmental toxins (05:11)
  • Metal toxins (09:58)
  • Detoxing (13:47)
  • Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (14:40)
  • BPAs (18:15)
  • POPs (23:48)
  • PCBs (25:16)
  • Percolate (26:11)
  • Phthalates (27:50)
  • Environmental Working Group (29:45)
  • Parabens (32:01)
  • EDCs (33:13)
  • Redirecting interference from foreign substances (37:12)
  • Quality of food and water (38:42)
  • Glass containers (42:43)
  • Avoid fragrance and perfume (43:35)
  • Avoid plastics (44:45)
  • Doing research before you buy (45:17)
  • Approach one at a time (48:57)
  • Detoxing (53:39)


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