Good, Better, Best: Becoming Macro Minded

Taryn Swears Podcast Covers Good, Better, Best - Becoming Macro Minded


As we close out 2022, I do a deep dive into the good, better, best method to become macro-minded.

Going into the new year, allow yourself to make the contractual commitment to let go of unhealthy, unproductive paradigms to make room for real growth. This means getting honest with where you currently are on your journey and where you want to go.

If anyone tells you that they have a one-size-fits-all program, run! We’re all wired differently and everybody has their own unique, holistic journey. Honing your macro-mindedness helps you learn how to create a lifestyle best suited to your nutritional needs, preferences, and goals.

Listen in as I share the three scenarios to becoming macro-minded, from the good: tracking and logging your food; to the better: knowing your macronutrients, especially protein; to the best: understanding how to set your macros.

Key Topics:

  • Setting yourself up for success going into the new year (01:19)
  • Showing up for yourself holistically (03:21)
  • Letting go of the mindset holding you back (06:20)
  • Your unique journey (09:16)
  • Food is a personal thing (12:52)
  • Tracking (14:01)
  • Carbohydrates, protein, fat (18:44)
  • Setting your macros (26:31)
  • Recap (30:45)

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