Faith Over Fear: An Athlete's Journey From Pregnancy to an Unexpected Postpartum Health Scare with Kristine Ziffra

Faith Over Fear - An Athlete's Journey From Pregnancy to an Unexpected Postpartum Health Scare with Kristine Ziffra - Taryn Swears with Taryn Perry

Today, I sit down with Kristine Ziffra, CEO at Peak Wellness Solutions LLC, to hear her amazing story as an athlete who was forced to weather an unexpected postpartum health scare, emerging stronger than ever thanks to the power of her faith.

Kristine Ziffra has been involved in the fitness industry for 13 years. She worked at a big box gym for the first five of those years right out of college before making the leap into establishing her own fitness studio, FIT Project. She ended up building a 3200-square-foot facility, hiring eight coaches, and accumulating a pool of 20 clients.

Six years later, in July of 2022, Kristine sold FIT Project to commit to coaching pregnant and postpartum women, a passion that blossomed out of her own recent pregnancy.

Listen in as Kristine shares how she was able to breeze through her pregnancy while keeping up a solid level of fitness, only to be faced with the most difficult months of her life postpartum.

At one point, she had to deal with the trauma of retained placenta—when the placenta doesnt come out of the uterus completely after the baby is born.

Kristine encourages us, through her example, to choose faith over fear, to refuse to play the victim, and adopt a mindset of resilience, joy, and gratitude for the miracle of childbirth.

To Kristine, getting through that incredibly challenging year came down to using mindset tocontrol what I could and surrendering to the rest” by knowing her trust lies in God.

Key Topics:

  • Kristines story and how she maintained her fitness throughout her pregnancy (2:18)
  • Common myths around fitness and pregnancy (10:11)
  • How Kristine prepared for delivery and postpartum (17:40)
  • How a strong mindset helped Kristine weather through postpartum (30:10)
  • Choosing faith over fear (43:18)


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