Making Fitness a Priority w/ Lauren George

Making Fitness a Priority w: Lauren George Taryn Swears Podcast

Today I sit down with mompreneur and fitness coach Lauren George to talk about how she was able to scale her business empire all while raising a family! An entrepreneur at heart, Lauren saw fitness early on as an excellent way to grow holistically, both personally and professionally. To that end, she’s built a range of offerings, from virtual classes to in-person workshops and retreats, to help women build the fitness business of their dreams!

When I asked how she is able to juggle life as an entrepreneur and her responsibilities as a busy mom, Lauren replies that it’s all about reminding herself daily that “everything is figure out-able.” She explains how she and her husband (who also works an extremely demanding job) work out the logistics of business and parenthood with strategies like time blocking, alongside a lot of dinner table conversations to make sure they’re always on the same page.

Finally, Lauren breaks down how she is able to keep up her personal level of fitness in-between training her clients, and tells us why adding strength training into one’s workout routine is a must for women!

Key Topics:

  • Why Lauren chose a career in fitness and what she offers (03:41)
  • Building a business as a busy parent (12:25)
  • Embracing workaholism without feeling massive mom guilt (20:40)
  • How to time block (26:37)
  • Finding and maximizing your most creative time slots in the day (33:22)
  • How Lauren treats her personal workouts with her client training sessions (37:20)
  • The importance of strength training for women (41:59)
  • One more golden nugget from Lauren (54:05)
  • Recap (54:47)


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