The Dreaded 4 Letter Word - How to Reshape Your Mindset by removing this One word w/ Krissi Thomas

The Dreaded 4 Letter Word - How to Reshape Your Mindset by removing this One word w: Krissi Thomas - Taryn Swears Podcast Taryn Perry

You are going to LOVE this interview with Krissi Thomas! The moment words come out of her mouth, you are immediately sucked into her magnetic energy!

Krissi is a Mom, wife, badass marketing & branding specialist, and serial entrepreneur. She’s the founder of CheekyBoom, a lifestyle brand rooted in the belief of being bold and living loud.

She's coming in HOT with a dose of reality when it comes to banishing limiting beliefs and setting goals that last. It all comes down to eliminating this single four-letter word: can’t.

According to Krissi, “When you use ‘can’t’, you’ve already given up. I believe in failure because failure is your first attempt at learning. You have to fail to succeed.”

Adopting a go-get-em mindset starts with owning your excuses. The best way to go about it? By anchoring everything that you do to a powerful “why.”

Getting clear on your “why” emotionalizes a goal and fuels your resolve to see that goal accomplished in a way that’s just not sustainable without a strong purpose in place!

Ready to learn how to put all of this into practice? If so, let’s jump into it!

Key Topics:

  • What is this dreaded four-letter word, exactly? (05:59)
  • The inspiration behind CheekyBoom (12:17)
  • You can always strive to be better (19:16)
  • Rewiring your mind to get rid of limiting beliefs by asking “why” (25:06)
  • Eliminating “should” and “try” from your vocabulary (36:10)
  • Raising the energy of the room (39:09)
  • Recap (44:48)


Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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