Becoming the Victor vs the Victim: How to Empower Yourself to Shed the Overwhelm and Take Action on Your Values with Janine Graziano-Full

Becoming the Victor vs the Victim - How to Empower Yourself to Shed the Overwhelm and Take Action on Your Values with Janine Graziano-Full Taryn Swears Taryn Perry

Today, I sit down with Janine Graziano-Full of Live Full Coaching. She helps “corporate closet soul-searchers” get clear on their values, create better work-life balance, and live a life of authenticity!

“I want people to feel that they are the boss of themselves,” says Janine. “A lot of this comes down to making powerful decisions—becoming more intentional about what you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to.”

Listen in as Janine shares how you can gain clarity on your most important values by looking through the 12 categories on the Wheel of Life. She also poses four powerful questions to ask yourself so you can name those values with confidence and commit to living them in your life going forward!

Key Topics:

  • Escaping the confines of corporate life (05:39)
  • Coaching corporate warriors of different backgrounds and lifestyles (08:20)
  • Taking stock of your values using the Wheel of Life (10:55)
  • Who are you at your core? (15:55)
  • What was one moment that made you particularly frustrated or angry? (22:04)
  • Owning your power (31:01)
  • When are you obsessed about something? (32:39)
  • What is a must-have in your life? (37:07)
  • Overcoming overwhelm as a busy mom (41:43)


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