Are your Hormones the Issue? Top 5 Ways to Naturally Find Out

Are your Hormones the Issue? Top 5 Ways to Naturally Find Out - Taryn Swears Podcast Taryn Perry

Hormones are ALL the rage right now! And while they’re always super relevant to your health journey, hormonal factors only continue to get more critical as you get up in age.

Hormones are important substances that serve as chemical messengers in your body. They facilitate nearly every bodily process, including metabolism, hunger, and fullness. Because of their association with appetite, some hormones also play a significant role in body weight.

However, I’ve noticed that hormones are often the first thing people blame, even before lifestyle choices and environmental factors, when they stall in their weight loss goals.

It’s true: Hormones absolutely influence your body composition, but that doesn’t mean you have to be at their mercy. The key to a successful weight loss journey is to claim personal responsibility over those controllables, day after day.

Keep in mind that I’m no medical professional. Always ask your doctor for advice if any of my suggestions get you thinking!

With that foundation in place, tune in as I share the five main hormones that can affect your body composition during weight loss, and six steps to assessing whether you truly have a hormonal issue, or a lifestyle issue!

The five hormones that affect your body composition are…

  • Insulin: Are you resistant or sensitive? (6:23)
  • Leptin and Ghrelin: The fullness and hunger hormones (6:54)
  • Cortisol: The stress hormone (8:20)
  • Estrogen: The sex hormone (9:51)
  • Your thyroid: The door to your metabolism (11:20)

To assess the impact of these hormones on weight loss, take inventory of…

  • …everything you eat (15:05)
  • …your sleep hygiene (17:22)
  • …how much water you drink (19:55)
  • …your stress levels (20:52)
  • …your workouts (22:37)
  • …your nutrition (25:24)



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