Dr. Christie Hafer - The Gut Brain Connection: AKA Vagus Nerve

Dr. Christie Hafer - The Gut Brain Connection - AKA Vagus Nerve Tayrn Swears


Today, I had the honor and the pleasure to be joined by Dr. Christie Hafer, who owns Purpose Driven Chiropractic with her husband, and they are MIRACLE WORKERS. She joins me to unpack the TRUE connection between the gut and brain.

In this episode, Dr. C introduces some of the science behind the vagus nerve and the stressors that impact our bodies and minds, and offers actionable items for listeners to improve both physical and mental health.

“Measure where you’ve GONE, not where you want to be,” she reminds us. It’s easy to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, but it’s important to GROUND ourselves. Dr. C recommends journaling and digital detoxes, which offer relief from multiple kinds of stressors. She shares resources to help you find practitioners like herself.

Key Topics:

  • Introductions (00:05)
  • Dr. Christie Hafer (00:57)
  • Mindfulness (04:32)
  • The nervous system (06:25)
  • Seeking balance (08:41)
  • Expectations (11:53)
  • The vagus nerve (13:08)
  • Grounding (15:00)
  • Healing the vagus nerve (15:30)
  • Rest (16:32)
  • Recovery (17:52)
  • Digital stressors (19:07)
  • Intentionality (22:23)
  • Getting in touch with Dr. C (26:56)
  • Parasympathetic nervous system and stress (27:58)
  • Crash and crave (30:03)
  • Seeking treatment (33:17)


Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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