An Energetic Approach to Overcoming Infertility w/ Stephanie Danielle

An Energetic Approach to Overcoming Infertility w: Stephanie Danielle - Taryn Swears Podcast - Taryn Perry

What a great honor it was to be able to have Stephanie Danielle on with us. She's a Relationship Healer, Soul Contract Expert, and Intuitive Energy Reader. Stephanie is committed to being a supportive voice in a noisy and often-confusing space.

Her incredible story is one that you are NOT going to want to miss, especially if you are someone who has gone through infertility, miscarriage, or any other challenge that can come with birthing and motherhood.

Listen in as Stephanie tells us how to access the divine in order to discover answers to the questions our soul yearns for, particularly as they relate to healing past traumas.

“The deeper the trauma,” says Stephanie, “the greater the distortion around that trauma.”

She explains how you can access the deepest part of your subconscious mind, to reconnect with your intuition and activate your dormant ability to communicate with your soul. Speaking directly to those suffering the multilayered loss that comes with a miscarriage, Stephanie implores women to keep trusting their body no matter what. That starts when we find the meaning associated with the loss.

According to Stephanie, “When we go through a miscarriage or an infertility struggle, we’re made to feel like there is something wrong with our body. We never think about it from the perspective of, ‘What are we facilitating for the soul so that it may come through us?’”

To illustrate all of this, Stephanie shares her own heart-wrenching and inspiring story of having struggled with the loss of life and a piece of herself, and how fully surrendering and listening to her soul afterward allowed her to gain more than she ever could have desired!

Key Topics:

  • How Stephanie was drawn to her current path (05:24)
  • What is a “soul contract”? (09:45)
  • What happens in our brain when we go through a traumatic experience? (15:05)
  • Stephanie’s energetic approach to overcoming infertility (23:46)
  • How to tap into your intuition and communicate with your soul (38:17)
  • Stephanie’s message to women struggling with a miscarriage or infertility (44:31)


Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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