Breastfeeding & Working Out: 3 Misconceptions

Clearly I've been around the block a few times when it comes to having kids and breastfeeding. I gained and lost the baby weight with each, relatively different, with the exception of #2 and #4 (both exclusively Beachbody workout programs - of which I'm the leanest I've never been).

Now, I'm not claiming to be an expert when it comes to all things pregnancy & breastfeeding, BUT, I will say, my personal experience, may have higher credentials than those that are certified, yet never had a child th…

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[RECIPE] Kid-Friendly Crockpot Shredded Salsa Chicken

Who doesn't need more simplicity in their life? When you have 4 kids, a home business, a household to run and well, a LIFE (sometimes), finding an extra 30 minutes to whip up something healthy and crafty in the kitchen, comes few and far between.

FIMG_7588or so long, I thought the Crockpot was JUST for Fall or Winter! OH NO, my friends!! It's a great summer kitchen appliance too!

Yes, total mind blown!

I love throwing things into a bowl and eating it. I've never claimed to be a fancy chef or have perfect p…

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[RECIPE]: Gluten Free Oat Bran Pancakes


Obsess much over pancakes? I could eat them all day everyday. I just LOVE me some pancakes and when they are SUPER easy and healthy, I’m all in.  And not to mention, kid approved! BONUS!! I’ve shared some other delicious pancake recipes (see my Shakeology Pancake recipe), so play with them all and have fun. Oh, and what’s KICK-A$$ about this recipe? I have to totally give my Mother-In-Law props for introducing me to this Gluten Free Oat Bran and this super easy recipe! It only takes about 3 ingr…

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A Breastfeeding Mom's 3 Day Refresh Results

I'm breastfeeding, exhausted and frustrated with my body. Story of most everyone's life, whether breastfeeding or not, right?
Well, I had taken may clients through the 3 Day Refresh while I was pregnant (WOW - their results were CRAZY, you can see their 3 Day Transformation results here), so I was anxious to try it for myself.
I did a lot of research on the program, before I went into it blindly. Yes, I trust most everything that Beachbody puts out, but I'm one that's always a little leary of …

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Homemade Raw & Vegan | Gluten Free Cookie Dough Recipe

If you are looking for a guilt-free, vegan, plant-based, clean indulgence, watch out, MIND WILL BE BLOWN with this raw & vegan cookie dough recipe.

I wish I could take credit for it, but I have to thank my friend Ashley, for sharing Raw-Manda's website with me, as I snagged it from there, made it my own and NOW, have to share with you guys.

I mean, after all, #sharingiscaring, right?


You ready for the ingredients?? Brace yourself, this should only take you 5 MINUTES!!! And likely, less than 5 minut…

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Arms & Abs Workout: Part 1


13570346_10153850164677525_2026566597_oEveryone loves a good workout they can take on the road, on vacation or to do in between loads of laundry or breastfeeding a baby, right??

The best part is, you don't need a single weight or resistance band. Just you and some determination.

Come on, you know you've got it in you!!

Try this home workout on for size. 

You can easily add it to your current workout regime or do multiple rounds of it.

Here's the movements, do each for :60 seconds, rest for :20 seconds and move to next:
  • Shoulder Taps i…

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How a Busy Mom of 4 Kids gets her workout in

A Day in the life of a Mom, right?
Aren’t you just exhausted watching this circus? But how cute are they?
Can you relate, though? You just want to get your workout in, but the kids have other plans for you?
So what do you do? You have 2 options:
1. You MAKE it work, get them involved (remember, you are their IDOL, they do as you do. They are always watching!). Set an example for them.
2. Schedule your workout time for when your kids are sleeping (first thing AM…

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[RECIPE] Chocolate Shakeology Pancakes


I don't know about you, but around our full house, there calls for PANCAKES on Sunday! And as much as I am a fan of the yummy fluffy IHOP style pancakes, they do NOTHING for my fitness goals, nor are the remotely as nutritious as these Chocolate Shakeology pancakes.

These are tried and true amongst 3 of the 4 little mouths that we feed each day (the 4th isn't quite there with finger food yet - but I know her mind will be BLOWN, when she can grub on them). Plus, these are totally 21 Day Fix frien…

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Are you an exhausted Breastfeeding Mom?

Ok, fellow breastfeeding Moms, real talk for a minute, shall we?

Here’s what I know:Breastfeeding Mom

  1. We are exhausted from being up at all times of the night, and/or
  2. Feel like we are constantly breastfeeding
  3. Some of us have older kids that require us at the SAME TIME as the breastfeeding babe does
  4. Our sleep deprivation doesn’t allot for us to make stellar decisions with our food selections, let alone find the time to workout.
  5. Hormones are a TOTAL beast and I think, can be the devil, with expecting wei…

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Fitness & Nutrition Support Group for Stay At Home Mom's

Are you a breastfeeding Mom?

Do you have multiple aged kids?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with how and where to start?

Never feel like you have time for yourself?

Do you feel exhausted every day?

Do you struggle with the hormones and how they hold on to your Mom Bod?

Do you find that every free minute you have should be spent on chores, instead of yourself?

As you know, I've been running fitness and nutrition support groups for fellow Mom's for many years now, and as a result,  there has been so…

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