5 Tips to Tracking Macros without the Overwhelm

5 Tips to Tracking Macros without the Overwhelm Taryn Swears Taryn Perry


“Nobody knows your body as well as you. Nobody knows how it feels when you eat something. No one knows how you sleep and how you feel when you wake up. Nobody knows exactly what your menstrual cycle is like but you, right? You get to be the one in the driver's seat here.”

Are you tired of the overwhelming world of macros and unsure how to effectively use them to reach your goals? Our host, Taryn Perry, is here to break down the jargon and make it easy for you. In this episode, you get a straightforward approach to macros, with five success tips you can use right now.

Let’s take it a step further. Taryn’s holding an upcoming masterclass - the last one of 2023 - specifically on not only understanding macros, but mastering them! You are the ultimate expert on your body and no one can know better than you. So tune in, and let's make macros your bitch.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Episode and Upcoming Masterclass (01:15)
  • #1 Use an App (04:19)
  • #2 Repeat Meals (11:29)
  • #3 Batch Cook Your Meals (14:04)
  • #4 Use a Food Scale (19:11)
  • #5 Pre-Logging Your Meals (23:33)
  • Wrap-Up (28:43)


Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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