Perimenopause & Nutrition: How to Make Your Symptoms Suck Less!

Perimenopause & Nutrition - How to Make Your Symptoms Suck Less! - Taryn Swears Taryn Perry1



“It's so much more relieving when you have a plan. I can't emphasize enough having nutrition planned out. Even this color-blocking system has been a game-changer.”

Ever felt like perimenopause was the universe's way of testing your limits? That's exactly where our host Taryn Perry found herself, navigating the unpredictable tides of hormonal change, before realizing that what she put on her plate was a key part of the equation to relief. This episode is a candid sharing of that epiphany, where you'll learn how the synergy of nutrition and a holistic lifestyle can turn the tide in your favor during perimenopause. You’ll also see the importance of understanding your hormonal health with a comprehensive blood panel—it's like having a secret conversation with your body that could change everything.

If your life's stressors are piling up like a Jenga tower waiting to topple, you're not alone. Taryn unpacks the ways we can artfully manage the stress of erratic cycles and life's relentless demands. From the sacred act of penciling in 'me time' to the underrated bliss of unplugging from the digital world, Taryn gives us a look into her perimenopause toolkit. It's about finding that sweet spot where taking care of your mental health also means taking the reins on your hormone health.

Wrapping up, let's talk color blocking—not for your wardrobe, but for your life! Imagine mapping out your week with colors that bring vibrancy not just to your planner, but to your every day. It's not just about ticking off to-dos; it's about crafting a lifestyle that celebrates your strengths and gives grace to your vulnerabilities. So tune in, take notes, and let's connect over on Instagram because this conversation is just the beginning.

Key Topics:

  • Perimenopause Symptoms and Self-Advocacy (01:09)
  • Hormone Testing and Nutrition for Menopause Symptoms (03:37)
  • A Deeper Look Into Perimenopause and its Effects (09:33)
  • Managing Stress and Productivity for Busy Parents (11:22)
  • Using Color-Coded Calendars for Prioritization and Time Management (17:22)
  • Nutrition and Strength Training for Perimenopause Support (20:05)
  • Digestion and Bedtime Routine, Sleep Habits (25:11)
  • Managing Perimenopause Through Structure and Organization (35:34)

Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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