Core & Pelvic Floor Health from Pre & Postnatal to Peri-menopause! with Deanna Holcomb & Joy Vlahovich of Sculpt Daily

Core & Pelvic Floor Health from Pre & Postnatal to Peri-menopause! with Deanna Holcomb & Joy Vlahovich of Sculpt Daily - Taryn Swears Podcast with Taryn Perry


“It’s really about full body strength training, and learning to strengthen your body in a way that's going to help support your posture and especially those surrounding muscle groups that help with spinal mobility, hip mobility.”

Have you ever considered the intricate dance your body performs to maintain strength and stability, particularly after the life-changing experience of childbirth? As mothers, our bodies undergo monumental transformations, and it's about time we unpacked the truths of postpartum recovery. That's precisely why our host Taryn Perry interviews Deanna Holcomb & Joy Vlahovich of Sculpt Daily, two trailblazers dedicated to guiding women through the labyrinth of core and pelvic floor health. From the importance of posture to demystifying pelvic floor therapy, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for mothers navigating the often-unspoken challenges that come with bringing new life into the world.

This episode sheds light on the profound connection between breathing, posture, and the muscular symphony playing within us and equips you with simple, impactful strategies to realign your posture and retrain your breathing, making each inhale a step toward reclaiming your body's balance. The final leg of the episode touches on perimenopause and the importance of self-advocacy in women's health. If you're ready to take charge of your health with grace and confidence, let this episode be your guide, providing practical advice and heartfelt support every step of the way.

Key Topics:

  • Welcome, Deanna and Joy! (01:35)
  • Fitness and Wellness for Pregnant and Postpartum Women (03:15)
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Health Basics (08:27)
  • Posture and Breathing During Pregnancy (14:31)
  • Postpartum Fitness and the Importance of Core and Pelvic Floor Strength (19:37)
  • Postpartum Breathing and Mobility Exercises (24:23)
  • Pelvic Floor Health and Core Exercises for Women at Different Stages of Life (31:15)
  • Women’s Health and Hormone Changes During Perimenopause (39:18)
  • The Balloon Test (43:42)
  • Wrap-Up (48:09)


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