From Athlete to Entrepreneur: Just F*king Do It (with Tina Provenzano)

From Athlete to Entrepreneur - Just F*king Do It (with Tina Provenzano) - Taryn Swears with Taryn Perry


“Create the mentality for yourself that if you really want to do this thing, understand that there's no other option for you to not do it.”

Every dream begins with a spark, and sometimes, that spark turns into a blazing trail for others to follow. Our host Taryn Perry interviews Tina Provenzano who created Culture, a fitness concept that's all about grit, grind, exploration, and community. Tina's not just any guest—she's a former collegiate basketball player who's dribbled her way from the court to the core of fitness entrepreneurship. Together, Taryn and Tina share how sports can build more than just muscle; they can sculpt a mindset ready to conquer just about anything.

They chat about the importance of community, the undeniable buzz of Culture's vibrant energy, and how authenticity in relationships is not just game-changing—it's industry-defining. Tina's personal tales, from her canine companion to her foodie adventures, are a reminder that it's the little victories, the simple pleasures, that keep the entrepreneurial fire from turning to ash. This episode is a playbook on building a brand that resonates, taking risks with confidence, and making every day count. So, lace up your sneakers, and get ready to join in on a journey that's as fulfilling as it is thrilling.

Key Topics:

  • Welcome Tina Provenzano! (02:00)
  • Athleticism, Energy, and Community Building (03:57)
  • Career Change and Passion for Fitness (10:06)
  • Starting a Fitness Business with Passion and Drive (16:14)
  • Entrepreneurship, Fitness, and Catering to Diverse Needs (21:00)
  • Managing Entrepreneurial Stress and Self-Care (24:55)
  • Work-Life Balance and What Tina Does for Fun (28:32)
  • More about Tina’s Biz, Culture (34:15)
  • Entrepreneurship and Taking Action (35:57)


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