Taryn & Martita Ayup: Healthy Should be your Chronic Condition

Taryn & Martita Ayup - Healthy Should be your Chronic Condition - Taryn Swears with Taryn Perry


“I am not against medication, it is great. It can save your life. It saved my life when I was in the ICU. But it's about learning how to use all the tools we have now in the correct way so that we try to be least harmful with our body as we can.”

Are you ready for a transformative healing journey that empowers you to take control of your health? Let's hit the road with Martita Ayup, a certified integrative health coach with a remarkable story. From being a biology student battling severe health conditions to becoming a beacon of hope and healing for others, Martita's journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Our host Taryn Perry along with Martita dive into the world of natural living and lifestyle medicine. Martita explains how we can live more naturally, even within city confines, aligning with our biology for better health. They talk about the detrimental impact of processed foods, the influence of environmental factors, and the significance of stress management. Martita's wisdom on these topics will leave you with insights on how to strive for an integrated life.

Martita’s experiences are not only enlightening but also useful for anyone dealing with health issues or simply wanting to live a healthier life. She shares her knowledge about natural whole foods, guiding us on how to identify and incorporate these into our diets. Taryn and Martita bridge the gap between complex biological concepts and daily life, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, stress management, mental intelligence, and energy cleansing. This episode promises an enhanced understanding of health and well-being, done right.

Key Topics:

  • How Martita Got to Where She Is (02:57)
  • Alternative Healing and Chronic Illness (05:00)
  • Functional Medicine, Leaky Gut, and Chronic Inflammation (11:05)
  • Gut Health and Lifestyle Medicine (16:20)
  • Natural Foods, Holistic Healing, and Self-Care for Modern Humans (20:54)
  • Healing, Science, and Self-Discovery (29:19)
  • Wrap-Up (34:06)


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