DEBUNKED: 6 Myths to Macro Counting

DEBUNKED - 6 Myths to Macro Counting - Taryn Swears with Taryn Perry


Are you falling victim to common macro myths that may be sabotaging your nutrition goals? In today's episode, I debunk six of them to set the record straight on macros and how they are essential fuel for everyone, no matter your physical activity level. Listen in as I emphasize the importance of simply starting with awareness in tracking your macros and how adjusting them strategically can lead to incredible results.

No matter your activity level, I shed light on how everyone needs to be aware of their macronutrient needs, including vegans and vegetarians. We dive into the significance of appropriate micronutrients for all diets and how your macro intake impacts hormones. Plus, I tackle the misconception that consuming too much protein will make you bulky – a fear that holds many back from achieving their desired body composition. So, whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply better understand the impact of macronutrients on your body, this episode is for you.

Key Topics:

  • Myths About Macro Counting (2:33)
  • 1st Myth: Macros Are Only for Those That Are Active (4:29)
  • 2nd Myth: You Have to Zero Out Your Macros in Order to See Results (7:26)
  • 3rd Myth: You Need to Add Extra Calories because Your App Says So (12:15)
  • 4th Myth: You Need to Eat One Gram of Protein Per Pound / Eating too Much Protein Makes You Bulky (17:28)
  • 5th Myth: Vegans and Vegetarians Cannot Track Macros (20:37)
  • 6th Myth: Macros Don’t Affect Hormones at all (23:05)
  • Wrap up (27:45)

Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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