What To Do When You Hit a Weight/Fat Loss Plateau

What To Do When You Hit a Weight:Fat Loss Plateau - Taryn Swears with Taryn Perry

Tired of hitting those frustrating weight loss plateaus? Discover the five essential steps to identify and break through those plateaus by understanding your body's metabolic adaptation and body composition. We’re talking about adjusting your macros, refocusing your goals, and changing up your routine to maximize fat loss, all while unraveling the mystery behind whether you're actually experiencing a plateau or if it's just your body's maintenance mode.

Join me, Taryn Perry, in this episode as I share valuable insights on the importance of getting adequate sleep, the science behind metabolic adaptation, and the role muscle plays in achieving a toned physique.

Balance your fats, carbs, and proteins (all while prioritizing proteins) for successful weight loss, and vary your workout intensity to escape metabolic adaptation. Let's become our own scientists and use these powerful tools to break through weight loss plateaus and achieve our ultimate goals!

Key Topics:

  • Steps to Take When at a Weight / Fat Loss Plateau (01:00)
  • 1: Evaluate if This Really is a Weight Plateau (03:57)
  • 2: Rate your Level of Consistency (07:57)
  • 3: Gauge the Timing of the Plateau (11:56)
  • 4: Making ONE Adjustment at a Time (13:38)
  • 5: Add More Calories to Bump Yourself Out of Adaptation (19:51)
  • Recap of the Five Steps (26:43)

Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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