Nutrition & How it Affects our Hormones

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I'm not a functional medical practitioner or an RN, or a Registered Dietitian. I am a woman who has spent a shit ton of time researching, experiencing, and experimenting with my own body in response to how my hormones have shifted (over the course of four children)!


In this episode, I’m going to unpack how nutrition affects our hormones - in particular, our metabolism and how undernourishing our bodies can wreak havoc on our hormones, causing a whole host of inflammatory responses and challenges with fat loss.

You’re the only one who knows how YOU feel, so learn to listen to your gut! I’ll tell you what to pay attention to, and actionable ways to serve yourself. Experiment and be your own investigator!


Key points:

  • Introductions (0:05)
  • Thank you! (00:50)
  • How nutrition affects your hormones (01:25)
  • My experiences with hormones–in my body, and my education (01:49)
  • Listening to our gut (04:04)
  • What are hormones? (06:00)
  • Metabolism (07:43)
  • Nourishment (10:39)
  • Log your food (13:52)
  • Everyone’s needs are different (18:32)
  • Experiment with yourself (22:12)
  • Macros in the context of total lifestyle (25:03)
  • Seeking medical support (30:04)
  • Be honest! (30:38)



Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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