5 Biggest Hormone Myths


Hormone talk seems to be ALL. THE. RAGE. right now! 

Honestly, rightly so! 

It's really uncharted waters for so many women, as we beat ourselves up for eating healthy, cutting out the bad stuff, yet we still have an extra 20 lbs or the worst PMS symptoms, than when we were teens! 

I've become super fascinating with understand hormones and how they work, addressing the root cause to symptomatic clients and working on a holistic solution. For someone that despised Biology and Science related class, this stuff fires me up! 

These are the 5 Myths I tend to spend a lot of time on with clients: 


1. Eating Soy is Bad. Leave it to Google, you can find every opinion under the sun. Is soy good for everyone? No. Are there better soy products than others? Yes! It’s viable protein source for vegetarians/vegans. Soy products, like the soybean, carry all 9 of the essential amino acids we need for healthy muscles & bones. Soy is also known to have estrogenic properties, which can support and balance the female hormone system. Crap soy to avoid: soy milk, cheese, yogurt or the fake stuff!


2. You have NO control over your hormones. You do and you don’t. When your body’s pH is off, your hormones (among other immune cues) are thrown off. They develop a mind of their own and start messing with your system. This is when you’ll experience PMS symptoms, weight gain, brain fog, etc. Start with getting your body’s alkalinity in check and then reverse engineer the body’s response from your hormones.


3. PMS is normal. NO IT’S NOT! We’ve normalized it! There are OTC’s to mask it or manipulate it. The root cause is rarely addressed, or the last one to the party. Assessing your nutrition and starting to sync it to your cycle, is a great start.


4. Menopause only happens after 50. Menopause can kick in at any age. Some will start to experience peri-menopausal symptoms in their early 40’s, with full menopause in their late 40’s to 50’s. There is no universal start date for menopause.


5. Weight gain is inevitable. It doesn’t have to be. We tend to get overwhelmed with how off our hormones are, we rush to the Dr. to get put on synthetic hormones, that often cause the weight gain. Restoring hormone balance takes time, as does resolving the weight gain or staying in front to it.

There is no easy button to resolve hormone imbalance. Especially choosing to do it holistically. Patience and trust in the process, will be your biggest advocate.

Start with my Nutritional reset to re-establish alkalinity in your body, before you layer on the nutrition for your cycle. Once you get those pieces in place, you’ll be a well oiled machine and have a body you’ll be able to read like no other!

Holler if you have questions! I'm an open book and will schedule an initial consult if you feel you are a candidate for my courses.


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