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What does food and hormones have in common??  A LOT!!! Who knew….to the average person. Right?  I mean just as you think you’ve figure out what foods work for your desired results….WHAM! Full stop. Nothing changes. Plateau. And heck, perhaps even some weight gain. And you eat healthy…..ALL THE TIME! Like organic this, low carb that, unprocessed everything, nuts, seeds, limit sugars...the whole nine yards. Then you graze your social feeds, only to see women, around your age - KILLING IT! And you are like “what in the actual F….she must restrict herself. I need balance. I need to enjoy the process.” NOTHING, I mean NOTHING to enjoy about that weight NOT budging… Until it does!   

This is my client Amy B. She's a Homeschooling Mom of 3 from CA and she and I have been working together for over 9 months. The pictures speaks VOLUMES of her physical results, as not only has she’s gone from 182 to 151 (quick math, that’s almost 30lbs!!), but she feels more energized and less deprived!! 

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After having my 4th kid, I soon realized, my hormones win that game and I have like 2 weeks out of the month, that I winning at the “slimmer waistline” game. About a week before my period, fluffy belly, moody as heck AND totally erratic with my mood. Not to mention, night sweats. Bleh…. Isn’t aging grand?  As I got to 39, I noticed things starting to slow down. Like what I ate to drop the baby weight with # 1  - 3, wasn’t working for #4. I mean, I had my last kid at 36….so it took me a good 9 or 10 mos to sustainably drop the baby weight, and I worked HARD! I felt like a rubic cube. You know? Just when something lines up, you twist the wrong way and POOF, 3lbs of weight gain, over night.  As I entered my 40’s, I went back to school for Nutrition (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), and mind you, I’ve studied nutrition since I started my own fitness journey in 2008. I got a few specialty Nutrition certifications. But they were, meh. Super text book and didn’t give me the answers, to my 40 year old, hormonal body.  I needed to do a deep dive. I researched ALL the nutrition courses out there. And there are a lot of good ones. But none that sang to me. And having a few IIN friends that were graduates, I kept coming back to this course (this is NOT a plug for IIN, but it’s apart of the puzzle).  I mean, I’m relatively healthy. I don’t have underlying health issues like many do my age….but I’m right up there with the best of them, when it comes to navigating what foods my body needs most, at this point in my life.  I basically admitted myself as a science experiment while going through my early 40’s. Something had to give. I knew there was room to restrategize my nutrition, so I had to be patient, study different elements, test them and document what was starting to change.  The key was truly LISTENING TO MY BODY and what it was telling me. 

  • Why was I craving certain things just before my period? 
  • Why was I getting bloated with certain “healthy” foods? 
  • Why did I sleep well after certain meals, and other meals I was restless?
  • How come some months my face would breakout like crazy, and others, it wouldn’t? 

I mean, I could go on forever with everything. 

We know that food has a significant impact on our overall health - immunity, menstrual cycle & fertility, mood, sleep, energy - you name it!

In fact, I'm sending my HORMONE FOOD LIST if you want a tool to immediately start working on with your hormones, starting with nutrition. Click on the SEND ME MORE INFO tab below!

Eating the wrong foods or eliminating entire categories of macronutrients from your diet, can rob your system of the raw materials it needs to produce healthy hormones.

So how does food function within the phases of our cycles? It does!!! Food is a chemical reaction in your body - which is why we can sometimes react to "healthy" foods more-so, during different times of our hormone cycling - aka Mensuration.

I will tell you, learning, testing and being more intune with your hormones and what foods support your body during each phase - is MIND BLOWING! But TRUST THE PROCESS... it takes time!

For instance, when I dove into WHAT FOODS best support EACH PHASE of your cycle - because again, that chemical response from food, is different when estrogen is higher (first 1/2 of your cycle) vs when it's lower (last 1/2 of your cycle), I felt way more mentally balanced, less bloated and more driven. Plus, I aligned my workouts with all of this for extra support (less intense workouts during mensuration, for example).

Then just for fun, don't forget to take life circumstances into play….it’s never a consistent metric. But once you tap into it, it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

I knew I needed to go through an “elimination” type food plan, which helped me drop about 7 lbs of water weight. Not only that, I was amazed at the fog that lifted, the energy that was restored and how focused I felt on continuing to work with ONLY the foods I knew were energy inducing for me.    In order for me to recalibrate myself, I had to focus on anti-inflammatory foods. Which, when done correctly, can do wonders to reset your metabolism, rebalance your hormones, flush out inflammation and basically neutralize the pH in your system, to be more metabolizing friendly. I found I lost another 3 lbs, which I didn’t start this to necessarily lose weight, as I had NO clue I was carrying around 10lbs of water weight!    Fascinating right??   I could go on and on about this all, but I’ll save you the details.    Oh, I will say, I didn’t have to give up wine OR chocolate!! I mean, what “nutrition” plan allows those and keeps you in results mode???    I’m a total open book! I’ve built my nutrition practice - EATING FOR ENERGY - around the very strategies I discovered through my own success, and am helping more and more women, like me! Here’s how we can connect, if any of this resonates with you! I only take a few clients a month, so pop here, grab the HORMONE FOOD LIST Bonus PDF I have, and let’s talk if you need some structure:   Here’s what a few clients have shared: Meet Teri M. She and I started working together on a plan before the holiday of 2019. LOTS of reasons to not commit, right? Well, NOT this gal. We dove into how nutrition can affect her energy, thus naturally drive weight loss results. She learned how her body reacts to food and exercise and how it plays into our cycles as our hormones change due to aging. Learning how to listen to her body was key to making this late 40's body strong and healthy for a long time to come. Since working together she went from a Size 14 to a Size 6!!! Or from the 188 lbs to the 148 lbs!! She also runs a family business, cares for her aging Dad and meal preps every Sunday, like a BOSS!!!   Another client Jennie L. says “I’ve been a friend, fan and follower for years but never taken one of her courses. She helped me hone my nutrition choices and figure out what fuels my body to function at its best. The program/guidelines she suggested now drive my choices and decisions every day. The guidelines have changed my outlook and perspective on food forever! I couldn’t be happier with my results (down 9 pounds) and feeling great!! If this resonates with you, fill out this form and I can share how my 4-Week Eating for Energy could be a fit for you!!


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