Should I eat Carbohydrates or not?

CARBS ?????- should you eat them? Or not??

If you do eat them, when should you eat them?

 Like, your best friends, co-workers, sister says they are bad OR “Taryn eats them so they much be ok...” So...#headspins

Here’s the short answer - and you may or may not like it. READY??


Yes, annoying right? Are you just like “tell me what to eat and when, Taryn?” Kind of person? It’s cool. I got you.

I used to be too...but what happened, is it I gained weight! WHY? Because the structured plan I was trying to follow, wasn’t right for ME! My body is different than yours. And your co-workers, sisters, Aunt!

We are all built up of different DNA, so there is NO way, we are all going to respond to any one eating trend. Ultimately, you have to be willing to be a science experiment to discover what works for you and what does not.

I do NOT think carbs are the enemy. Certains types, may be culprits for inflammation or weight gain, yet, but what if some are your biggest aid in WEIGHT LOSS or feeling good in your clothes??

Think about that, while you read the rest and debate about starting another "diet" plan.

So here’s my top 3 things I address in talking with anyone about where Carbs are your friend:

1️⃣. Try it, track it & see. Write down when, how much and the type of carbs you are eating. How do you FEEL? Energized? Sleep well? Crush a workout? OR, lethargic, foggy and blah? ?

2️⃣. What type of carbs are you eating? Are they fiber filled carbs or empty calorie wasters? Not everyone can stomach grain carbs! Some can. The type of carbs are everything. Think sweet potato vs French fries. Major difference in how you’ll feel. Unless you make them from home??!

3️⃣. What’s your goal? Are you training for a race? Want to just have a sustainable eating regime? I imagine having a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle is what you are aiming for. So think of how you want to feel at end of day and when you wake up.

Carbs are a touchy subject and there is no one size fits all. And they are not all created equal. Whether you follow a ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting diet or juice diet (Lord let’s hope not!!), you have to be patient in the process. I get my clients results mostly due, to my #1️⃣ tip above. We work together to truly address your body’s current state and understand the working goal. And come up with a plan suited to YOU! Not your best friends, co-workers, sister! #humanbody

What is your take on carbs? What questions do you have? My inbox is always open, drop a comment or DM right now!


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