Protein Pancakes

Ok, I know what you are thinking - "why the heck would I eat Green Pancakes"??! Yes, yes, I said the same thing, but aren't you always looking for ways to get in veggies that doesn't involve packing them in a bag and munching on them raw and lame?

This recipe flew around the round table of this Coach Test group I'm in for our 80 Day program. I was down to try a pre-workout meal that was pre-made and hit all the macros (aka containers) I needed, without feeling super heavy.

So yes, it's packed with a serving of vegetables ?, protein ❤, carbohydrates ? & topped with a healthy fat (if you so choose). There's a couple variations if you need to keep it more "vegan", but since I follow a more "mostly plant based" eating style, eggs are doable in my book, I just keep the dairy out. Your call. Happy to offer some suggestions if you want ways to tweak it so it fits your eating style too.

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Try them out, snap a photo & tag me in your Instagram or Facebook with your thoughts & experience with them! Instagram is @tarynperry and Facebook is Taryn Perry - Fitness, Nutrition & Motherhood.


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