[DIY] Linen/Room Spray

Ok, I’ve been having some fun making LOTS and LOTS of home essentials. Everything from Baby Shampoo, deodorant (post coming soon) and even Dry Shampoo (who knew??!).

So as I make them, and they are a success (and EASY – will only share if they are easy, as Mom’s, we have enough to do, to overcommit ourself to new projects), I will be posting and sharing them here!

Here’s how I simply made some Linen/Room Spray – which was prompted by walking into my older kids room (they share) and it smelled like a dirty gym locker! Groddy!

POO-POURRI: (per 1oz glass bottle)

15 drops Lemon Oil

10 drops Wild Orange

5 drops Peppermint

Squirt of Witch Hazel (cheap vodka or rubbing alcohol works too)

Filtered or Distilled water to remain

* Spray in the toilet BEFORE going poo!


5 drops each of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint

3 good squirt of Witch Hazel (cheap vodka works too)

Filtered or Distilled Water

GLASS SPRAY BOTTLES: I got 12 1oz brown spray bottles from Amazon (get bigger sizes, as I didn’t even pay attention to the size). You want to have the colored, and glass, so a) heat or temp can’t disrupt the purity of the oils and b) glass, as since they are oils, they can eat away at plastic, or heaven forbid, any “gases” released from the plastic, can leak into your creation. We don’t want that.

Now, I’m bias on the oils that I use, but it’s not to say you can’t use these with your own favorite oils. I would just HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT purchase essential oils from a Big Box retailer (Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, Supplement Store) type, as the purity is not the same, and can affect all sorts of things, greatly. Here’s where I got mine: http://bit.ly/2huQreI.

If you have your own recipe, let’s hear it!! Join my MomStrong Community Group and connect with all of us Mama's who are just trying to survive this thing called Motherhood!

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