Ab & Arm Series

Everyone loves a good workout they can take on the road, on vacation or to do in between loads of laundry or breastfeeding a baby, right??

The best part is, you don't need a single weight or resistance band. Just you and some determination.

Come on, you know you've got it in you!!

Try this home workout on for size. 

You can easily add it to your current workout regime or do multiple rounds of it.

Here's the movements, do each for :60 seconds, rest for :20 seconds and move to next:
  • Shoulder Taps in Plank position
  • Push Up Shoulder Taps
  • Wide Push Ups on Toes (modify to knees)
  • Arm Rotations: Front & Back (:30 secs each direction)
  • Tricep Dip with Leg Lift (:30 secs each leg; modify with no leg lift)
Did you do it?

Let me know, comment below or BETTER YET, drop by my Facebook page, and let me know about it!

Your partner in fitness & health,



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