Are you an exhausted Breastfeeding Mom?

Ok, fellow breastfeeding Moms, real talk for a minute, shall we?

Here’s what I know:Breastfeeding Mom

  1. We are exhausted from being up at all times of the night, and/or
  2. Feel like we are constantly breastfeeding
  3. Some of us have older kids that require us at the SAME TIME as the breastfeeding babe does
  4. Our sleep deprivation doesn’t allot for us to make stellar decisions with our food selections, let alone find the time to workout.
  5. Hormones are a TOTAL beast and I think, can be the devil, with expecting weight loss
  6. We often wonder how we can make it to the next nap (if they nap) OR cocktail hour. 
  7. We are or have experienced the worst pain since labor - MASTITIS.
  8. Sometimes confused on what foods are the best for our milk supply and what's not?!
  9. Debate whether having my evening cocktail makes me a Bad Mom and question it impacting my milk supply.


Since over the course of my 4 pregnancies, and in the thick of trying to shed the final bit of baby weight, while continuing to keep my milk supply up, I realized something. 

It doesn’t have to be so hard! I just needed the right people in my life, to continue to encourage me, embrace my imperfections, and more importantly, keep me accountable while they did the same thing right along side of me. 

I also needed to have the validation, that it was ok to NOW start to make myself a priority. Why do we, as Mom’s, feel so guilty about doing that sometimes? 

Anyway, I have figured out what works! It’s not rocket science, it’s not earth shattering. So lean in, I’m going to whisper it!

It takes YOU willing to make the change. Yup…and don’t worry, I’m going to show you how.

I am willing to work with 10 breastfeeding Mom’s, that want to let the hormones and exhaustion be their b*tch, and begin to work on ourselves again. 

13509764_10153844543527525_442325267_oHere's what you will get: 

1. I will personally give you guidance on a workout system that is suited for your goals, needs and abilities. They will range from 22 minutes to 30 minutes a day. 

2. You will get an accompanying nutrition plan, meal ideas, prepping tools/ideas to take out the guess work.

 3. You will have me as a personal Coach to partner with you through this, in addition to access to my exclusive group of other Mom's who get it, to be another layer of support and connection.

Take 5 minutes and fill out this form below, so we can get the ball rolling and see what's right and best for YOU!

Sleepless nights may be inevitable, but putting ourselves as a priority STARTS NOW!

Also, head over to my Facebook page for daily inspiration, motivation and tales of a busy Mom, freaking out about Summer vacation! :)

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Your friend,



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