Flip the Script on Menopause: Aging like a Badass with Heather Yancey

Flip the Script on Menopause - Aging like a Badass with Heather Yancey - Taryn Swears with Taryn Perry


“I love having women in their 60s Say, ‘I never thought that I could look like this or feel like this.’ And it's amazing. So we're never too old to start. Now that we have social media, we’re seeing people in their 90s, who are still doing pull ups and stuff. It’s fantastic.”

Our host Taryn Perry is shaking things up with the remarkable Heather Yancey, a mind-body coach and athlete who's here to flip the script on menopause. Who said this life stage has to be negative? Join in as Heather, a master transformer, shares her invaluable insights and practical tips. With her guidance, they dismantle the misconceptions surrounding menopause and instead, champion it as a period of growth and empowerment for women. This episode is more than just a discussion on symptoms and coping mechanisms. It's a celebration of the strength, resilience, and badassery of women.

Prepare for a deep dive into the world of fitness and mindset shifts, and their undeniable importance to women, particularly throughout menopause. Taryn and Heather are pulling back the curtains on strength training, sleep, recovery, and hormones. They’re also addressing the fear of aging and the impact of social media in shaping perceptions and spreading awareness. Beware of "menowashing" and false claims. This episode, peppered with personal stories and debunking myths, packs quite the punch.

Taryn and Heather dive into the essential role of self-care during menopause. How crucial is prioritizing oneself? How can maintaining lean muscle mass and understanding nutrition help manage hormonal changes? This isn't just an informative session, it's a call to arms for all women to embrace this life stage with strength and positivity.

Key Topics:

  • Welcome Heather Yancey! (01:45)
  • Menopause and its Effects on Women’s Bodies and Minds (02:49)
  • Menopause and Perimenopause Prep for Women of Various Ages (08:40)
  • Fitness and Wellness for Women in Different Life Stages (12:15)
  • Recognizing and Managing Digital Habits’ Impact on Mental Health (18:16)
  • Hormone Testing and Menopause Management (21:03)
  • Aging Gracefully and Prioritizing Health in Midlife (26:16)
  • Fitness and Weight Gain in Older Women (29:53)
  • Nutrition and Exercise for Women in Midlife (36:38)
  • Fitness and Health in Middle Age (45:32)
  • Fitness, Nutrition, and Hormone Balance for Women (49:00)


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