Why Women 35yrs + Should Weight Train with Kaitlyn Bauer

Why Women 35yrs + Should Weight Train with Kaitlyn Bauer - Taryn Perry


"As an aging woman, you need to be weightlifting. You need to be lifting heavy enough to recruit the type-two muscle fibers - your fast-twitch muscle fibers - which only are recruited when you're lifting heavy. Those type-two, fast-twitch muscle fibers are the ones that atrophy the fastest as we age.”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the weightlifting section in the gym, or struggled to manage your fitness routine around a hectic family life? Today, our host Taryn Perry brings on fitness trainer and nutrition practitioner, Kaitlyn Bauer, revealing the power and importance of strength training for women, especially as they age. Tune in as Kaitlyn unravels her journey from CrossFit to heavy weightlifting, providing practical tips for beginners intimidated by the weight room and starting their fitness journey.

Taryn and Kaitlyn shine a spotlight on the significance of strength training for women approaching menopause. Heavy lifting is a game-changer, supporting strong bones and the recruitment of type-two muscle fibers. Kaitlyn generously shares her strategies to smash the intimidation factor, familiarize with gym equipment, and perfect form.

They then delve into the delicate dance between physical fitness goals and family life, and stress the importance of taking time away from family to prioritize physical health and fitness, without any guilt attached. This compelling conversation with Kaitlyn is an eye-opener on strength training and nutrition specifically tailored for women.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Kaitlyn and Today’s Topic (01:53)
  • Women and Weight Training - Then and Now (09:31)
  • Weightlifting for Aging Women and Bone Density (12:02)
  • Overcoming Intimidation in Weightlifting for Women (14:55)
  • The Importance of a Good Trainer (22:21)
  • Exercise and Hormone Balance for Women in their 30s and 40s (25:31)
  • Menopause, Nutrition, and Exercise (30:19)
  • Fitness Programming for Busy Parents (34:02)
  • Parenting and Prioritizing Fitness and Self-Care (43:33)
  • Kaitlyn’s Three Tips on Getting Started with Weight Training (50:43)
  • Wrap-Up (54:32)


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