How to Track Alcohol Macros

How to Track Alcohol Macros - Taryn Swears Podcast with Taryn Perry

Get ready to uncover the intricate layers of tracking alcohol macros in this latest episode of Taryn Swears! We promise you an eye-opening journey, shining light on the lesser-known fact that alcohol is a macronutrient with seven calories per gram. We'll scrutinize the potential impacts of alcohol on your fitness goals and highlight the necessity for its responsible and moderate consumption.

We venture further into the world of low-calorie alcoholic beverages—perfect for those of you who enjoy a drink but are conscious of your caloric intake. We'll equip you with practical tips on how to calculate macros with any beverage. Prioritizing protein intake while adjusting macronutrients when consuming alcohol is a complex, but necessary task. We delve into the nitty-gritty of alcohol's effect on fat-burning and how to incorporate these insights into your fitness plan.

We look into the effects of alcohol on body composition and overall health. Stay tuned as we unravel the potential side effects of excessive alcohol consumption, such as sleep disruption and hormone imbalances. Our goal is to educate you on how to track alcohol macros effectively while maintaining balance. We'll also introduce the 1st Phorm app, a handy tool for keeping tabs on your alcohol macros. Whether you're a casual drinker seeking balance or a fitness enthusiast with set goals, this episode is brimming with priceless knowledge for you.

Key Topics:

  • Core Macronutrients and Alcohol (02:35)
  • Tracking Alcohol Consumption (08:43)
  • Breaking Down Tracking of a Drink (14:17)
  • The Math Behind Tracking Alcohol Consumption (17:01)
  • When it Makes Sense to Go Out (21:30)
  • How to Avoid Compromising Your Social Life (26:18)

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