What to Focus on First, When Tracking Your Food!

What to Focus on First, When Tracking Your Food!

Starting to track and log your nutrition is one thing —and a big thing at that, but understanding WHAT you should be tracking and WHY — is another. 

In this episode, I am going to share exactly what you want to focus on AND WHY, when you start tracking your food. You may be quite surprised at what I will share, however, I Promise by the end of this episode, you will be stacked with the confidence to execute on exactly what I share.

Key topics:

  • Introductions (00:05)
  • Tracking food as collecting data (02:18)
  • Changing palettes and metabolism (03:54)
  • Track your food and feelings to figure out how to feel lighter, stronger, and more energized (11:06)
  • Tracking doesn’t have to be restrictive (12:57)
  • Prioritize protein (17:45)
  • Consuming adequate fats and carbohydrates (20:57)
  • Don’t leave meals to chance (23:32)
  • Simple meals (26:33)
  • Logging nutrition (28:10)
  • Share YOUR story (29:47)

Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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