Taryn Swears: The What, Why and Who - and Why You Should Listen

Taryn Swears: The What, Why and Who - and Why You Should Listen

Welcome to my VERY first Podcast Episode of Taryn Swears! 

This will be the most vulnerable and raw that I’ve been in a long while, unless you follow me on Instagram — you’ll get snippets there, too! 

But hey, I’m Taryn Perry, a Mom of 4 incredible humans, wife to my super rad husband, an entrepreneur, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a career Fitness Trainer, and your soon-to-be podcast BFF! 

Since 2008, I’ve mostly shared my journey through fitness, nutrition & motherhood via social platforms — Facebook & Instagram. And while it’s always been authentic to what I’m going through during each phase of having kids, I knew I wanted to open up more “behind the scenes” and truly EDUCATE listeners on specific struggles that aren’t always shared.  We only get to see the before & afters, but never get the nitty gritty, or the “during.” 

This podcast will truly be about things I SWEAR BY (yes, expect multiple f-bombs) regarding how I flipped my Mindset to focus on my Nutrition FIRST, so I could make a positive effect on my hormones, and come out of the funk & frustration I felt, and shit, I still do. You’ll be front row to the real & the raw, as I experience them, too! 

In each episode, I plan to give you action-oriented nuggets, that I learned through my various nutrition schooling & certifications and allow you to create your own path of success, through mindset hacks, nutrition tips & workouts that support your hormones. 

In this first episode, you will learn that I’m a straight shooter when it comes to educating people on nutrition — but in the most loving way! I’ll give you lots of back story of my journey to this point, so you can see the relatability in your own journey — but truly walk away knowing you have a strategy to work on after each episode. I want you to sit back and feel you truly know me and WHY I’m ridiculously passionate about what I do. 

So, buckle up buttercup, we are about to make hormones, your B*TCH!

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Key topics:

  • Introducing Taryn Swears (0:05)
  • What to expect (02:18)
  • Macro Minded Guidebook (03:36)
  • Getting to know me (04:10)
  • Renewing a connection with my body (05:12)
  • Finding confidence in fitness (06:24)
  • Nutrition (07:19)  

Thanks for listening! I'm having a blast sharing & connecting with you!

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