Welcome to Taryn Swears!

Welcome to Taryn Swears

Welcome to Taryn Swears - a Podcast that takes a NO-BS approach to all things Nutrition, Mindset & Hormones. I'm excited to share all my tips, tricks and hacks, on how you can begin co-creating your very own Nutrition strategy, while supporting your body's natural hormone patterns.   

In this episode - get a snippet of who I am and what you can expect!  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode! We'll have some juicy goodness, dropping every other Tuesday! Until then, follow me on Instagram (@tarynperry) to get some real-time fun and support, as I share my story.  If you want to dive into learning the basics of Macro nutrition - hope on my website and download my FREE GUIDE - Becoming Macro Minded:  https://www.tarynperry.com/macrominded


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