Go With Your Flow: BOD Workout Calendar

This has been a work in progress for a LONG while now, and thankful to my Beachbody family for the push to get this done for you!

I really encourage you, if you are finding challenge with your results and you know the glaring B*TCH in the whole thing is your hormones - try out this format and see how you far!

You may have interest in getting on my WAITLIST for my Hormone Balancing Course that will be coming soon! This will be a full circle approach to match your nutrition with your cycle! I can hardly wait to share it with my current Nutrition clients!


This calendar is designed to be a framework for you to navigate your BOD workouts, based on where you are at in your cycle. This is JUST an example. See the following page on how to design your own.

If you follow this template and progress with that days suggested, next month or next time it's recommended, you can pick the following week to increase your challenge. For instance, during Follicular Phase, Barre Blend/Cardio Blend, start with Week 1, then as you progress each month following this template, you will move onto Week 2, then Week 3...easy peasy, right?

What if you are following a structured program like Muscle Burns Fat or LIIFT4? If you want to stick with following a specific program, I would highly suggest you give yourself 2 solid rest days each week - with NO workouts or just walking. Also, as you reach the end of your Luteal Phase and into Menstrual phase, follow the Phase calendar below by doing Yoga, walking and/or a rest!

You can design your own workout calendar based on what workouts resonate with you most. This will become your "no-brainer" tool to support your hormones, based on your cycle!


Workout suggestions: Walking, Resting, Yin Yoga, Foam Rolling

It's important to keep your workouts light, due to the natural energy depletion at the start of your cycle. Feel free to pick it up when you have more energy later in the week.


Workout suggestions: Steady State Cardio, Aerobic-like workouts.

Your estrogen is still low, but your energy will begin to rebound, so try something new or go back to your programmed workout.


Workout suggestions: Interval, Tabata, HIIT, Bootcamp

Estrogen increases and testosterone begins to surge, so you'll have energy to burn.


Workout suggestions: Strength training, Intense Yoga, Pilates or Barre.

Get your kick butt workouts in towards the first half of this phase, and begin tune into a shift in energy as you approach your menstrual phase.


Have any questions? Please reach out! Again, I welcome you to check out my, where I teach you how to tie nutrition into each phase, allowing you to become a cycle syncing pro!!



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