Introducing Collagen Peptides

Collagen! What is collagen and how can it help us?

Is collagen really all the rage?? I've had friends taking it as a supplementation for ever, but since I don't eat meat, I was hesitant. But I've been super curious about it, as hitting my 40's, the wrinkles, fine lines and upset skin, is starting to set in. I'm not COMPLETELY vein, but I'm all about natural, preventative measures, first!

There are so many benefits to having sustainable collagen supplementation into our diets. Especially as aging females with the desire to maintain a fresh face, strong nails, healthy hair & bones.

So let’s get into it.


We’ve all heard of the world collagen, especially if you’re someone who’s into maintaining great skin. But what exactly is collagen?

Collagen is an amino acid. It’s a protein your body naturally produces to maintain the health of your bones, joints, ligaments, elasticity of your skin, and more. Collagen is absolutely vital to your survival.

The problem we have is that we naturally produce less and less collagen as we age. Various people have said different things about how much less collagen we can produce, but basically, at around age 25 and up, your body will begin to lose its ability to make collagen.

And it just gets worse as you get older….

So that means your skin starts to sag (collagen is what keeps your skin wrinkle free and elastic)…. your bones get weaker and are more susceptible to breaking… your ligaments aren’t as strong and your more susceptible to tearing it.. and more.

These are all NATURAL things that happen as you age.

BUT, supplementing with collagen will give your body that BOOST of amino acids (collagen) that it isn’t able to produce as efficiently as it once could.


Adding additional collagen in your diet is all about giving it the supportive nutrients it needs if you don’t have enough, and to maintain good levels of collagen at all times to prevent injury, slow down the onset of aging, and more.

Here’s how collagen can help you:

1. Keeps your skin looking youthful

The middle layer of your skin (the dermis) is where collagen is produced. Collagen is what keeps your skin plump, soft, elastic, wrinkleless…. basically, youthful!

As I mentioned earlier, we lose our ability to produce optimal amounts of collagen as we age. It’s a major reason why our skin starts to wrinkle and sag. We can help PREVENT the onset of sagging and wrinkles by adding collagen to our diet.

Also, studies has shown that supplementing with collagen can help you reduce wrinkles and fine lines too. So it’s not too late if you’re already your later years.

2. Maintains healthy bones, joints, and ligaments

Your bones are 50% protein! Collagen makes up the majority of this protein, so it’s important to maintain healthy levels of collagen to prevent your bones from becoming brittle and weak.

Also, to keep your joints and ligaments strong, collagen supplementation will help that too, because your joints/ligaments are also made from collagen. If you suffer from joint pain or any similar types of tissue pain like knee pain, collagen can help relieve your pain.

3. Can help you sleep better

Collagen will help you sleep better by controlling cortisol levels at night. Cortisol (stress hormone) can prevent you from falling asleep and keep you up at night for hours at a time. Collagen will have the affect of relaxing you in a healthy way so you can naturally get better sleep.

4. Great for healing gut issues like leaky gut syndrome

If you suffer from digestive problems like a leaky gut, collagen could be the answer for you. Glycine, a important amino acid contained in collagen helps to heal a leaky gut and supports your digestive track.

For those who don’t have gut problems, collagen will help you continue to digest nutrients at optimal rates.


Perhaps my favorite thing about this particular collagen peptides is that it can dissolve in any drink you make – hot or cold. I've had others in the past that taste NASTY or do NOT dissolve.

Collagen is virtually tasteless as well. You can put it in anything.

I really recommend mixing it in a drink - or like I have been, putting into my Smoothie Bowl. Some oher popular ways to get your daily dose of collagen is to mix it juices, coffee, or even just mixing it in water and drinking it. Again, it’s tasteless and you won’t even know it’s there.

Ultimately, collagen peptides is quick to absorb into your body, tastes like nothing, and mixes easily in liquids. It’s one of the easiest supplements to use.


This is the best part! I am super excited to find out that Beachbody is now launching collagen peptides on MONDAY July 15th, 2019! Not only will they be available for purchase, but it is super freakin affordable! If you want first dibs on this awesome product just drop your information below and I will send you the link on Monday!


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