The Missing Piece In Losing Weight...

It's your Mindset...of course!

Where are my emotional eaters at?? What about people who hate being told that they CAN’T eat something?? Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by all the different weight loss products and programs out there? Are you someone who just hates working out? Or maybe you like working out but you cannot seem to get a handle on the nutrition?

If you are someone who:
  • Loves eating out
  • Hates to cook
  • Eats takeout often
  • Is constantly “on a diet”
  • Is a weekday warrior
  • Beats yourself up over over eating
  • Loves to eat food
  • Is a late night snacker
  • Loves to travel but doesn’t know how to stay on track
  • Doesn’t want or like to workout
  • Loves to workout but struggles with food
  • Needs a simple easy to follow guide for how to literally be emotionally free from food right now
Then I think you'll want to read up on what I have cooking for you.....

I have experienced so many different types of nutritional theories in the past 10 years and I know that all strategies are not for everyone.  My hope is that if something hasn't "clicked" with you as a lifestyle that keeps you healthy and in charge, that this could be a really awesome option!

I'm excited to share with you the POSITIVE WEIGHT LOSS Course that I've been working with my clients on, as of late. For example, in 5 months, my friend Jennifer, is down 38 lbs!!! Like, WHAAAAAT????

This course is designed to help you target all your struggles you've ever had, with seeing positive weight loss, not just temporarily "dieting".

For years, I've been practicing and studying a more Mindset Nutrition approach to eating. This is who I Coach and teach my clients as it's a course that's designed to focus on JUST nutrition so that you can gain an understanding of food as fuel and not food as comfort. And GET doesn't matter what workout program you are following or even IF you are doing one (I mean, you know my position on working out - but I know some have injuries, can't find the right workout sitch, etc).

A total mindset shift....if you will!

Here, meet Becca (she was apart of the Beta Test group):

“I have always struggled with my relationship to food. Since I was a kid. Food was my treat. My stress relief. When I first started my journey with Beachbody I lost 70 pounds out of sheer determination. But after that I gained and lost the same 20 pounds for two years and it was majorly affecting my confidence and my health. 2B gave me the tools to change from the inside out. Once I fully implemented Ilanas tools it was like something u locked in my brain! These results are over birthdays, holidays, a road trip and a week at an all inclusive resort. What?! I know! It blows my mind too! I feel SO EMPOWERED to live my life FREE of being on a diet while also still able to stay healthy. It’s the best feeling ever!!! My confidence and energy are through the roof! 2B Mindset is my plan for life!”

This program is a great way to change your habits without overwhelming you with workouts at the same time. It's about taking BACK control of your life...not being overrun by the constant thoughts of food and what, where, when and WHY to eat certain types of it.

Now, meet Ilana, the creator of this Positive Weight Loss course - called 2B Mindset.

This program was created by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein as a practical and simple weight loss solution after years of yo-yo dieting. As a 2B Mindset certified Mentor, I love that I have the validation in how people should eat, from someone that lives it and teaches it herself. The thing that I love most about how this course - is it was put together by someone who GETS the way we emotional eaters think!

Ilana was an emotional eater!


Here's a bit more on her story, as I think it's important to know WHY she created it:

This course, called 2B Mindset, is NOT a diet – it’s about understanding how to lose weight happily, without feeling deprived or counting calories or cutting out entire food groups. You’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen,” right (ahem, it's what I shared with you in my ebook)? That’s why we are focusing on food as a means of weight loss whiles till keeping it enjoyable! The program includes 6 videos to learn the principles, 5 videos to live the principles in real life, 6 videos full of tips and strategies, and 16 recipe videos.

You will have a tool for EVERY life happenstance, so you won't have to question "what if I travel for work", "what if we like to go out to eat as a family",  "will it be family friendly"...or insert YOURS.

Ready to start seeing results?

Start with your mind and the rest will fall into place!

Here's another Test groupie's experience:

"This lifestyle has made weight-loss fun. I no longer have the ALL IN mentality of restricting for a 30, 60, 90 day program only to binge eat & find myself back up again starting all over. THERE IS NO END DATE.❤️

No measuring, weighing or counting anything. I’ve enjoyed drinks, I’ve eaten out, I’ve had treats that I’ve fully enjoyed like cake & ice cream - no longer “cheats”. I no longer tell myself “I can’t have that” because I CAN, if I really want it & I’m going to fully enjoy it. Eating intuitively, learning what my body likes & dislikes, feeling full & satisfied...

Down almost 13 pounds, 1.6% of body fat, went from being classified as "Fit" ⏩ "Athletic", no longer have a poor relationship with food or the scale & my ALL or NOTHING mentality is long gone.

GAINED a new-found FREEDOM with food & a lifestyle that is truly livable.

This program summed up in 1 word?

✌? FREEDOM ✌?"

I mean, RIGHT??? I know relationships with food are most everyone's BIGGEST struggle, but it doesn't have to be. I think we can finally find ease knowing, that pain will be lifted.

I mean, when you think of weight loss, do you think of it as a POSITIVE experience? Or more of a struggle? A challenge? A disgust of a process? This course teaches you the principles that you can take with you, where ever your busy life takes you - and during ALL seasons of life.

Are you ready for your own Positive Weight Loss results?

I am going to be hosting a private accountability group for my friends to help them navigate the nutrition course, implement the strategies and to be there with you every single step of the process. If you want to nab a spot, jot your name and answer a few of the questions below and let's LIGHT THIS CANDLE, shall we?

The course has open enrollment RIGHT NOW, so lemme know, like NOW!


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