My Best 6 tips to start the New Year


1. WRITE OUT A PLAN. Go get yourself a super simple notebook, or whip out your Smartphone, and write out what your plan is! If you don't write it out, don't expect one to fall in your lap.
2. LAY OUT YOUR WORKOUT CLOTHES. Some choose to sleep in them (too much material for me), but I have them laid out every night, so I can have them ready for my 5am alarm. Which brings me to....
3.SET YOUR ALARM. And place it on the other side of the room! Then you are less likely to hit snooze too many times, or turn it off all together. Nothing like the feet hitting the floor to turn that sucker off, right?
4. MAP OUR YOUR MEAL/PLAN/PREP THEM. Take today or tomorrow (if it's a holiday for you) and make a plan for your meals. When you have your groceries shopped for, meals planned for the week and any prep work to make it easy, you'll have an 89% chance, of sticking to it (ok, I made up that stat, but I bet it's closer to 100%!!). I've reattached my meal planner for you to help get started. I used Instacart to order mine, as I find every reason NOT to go to the store. Plus, it's cheaper as I tend to do less impulse purchases. Here's a coupon if you've never used Instacart (I know it's not in all markets, sorry!). Also, download my weekly meal planner:
5. HAVE ENERGIZE ON THE READY. One of the first things I do, after I've pried my eyes open and jumped into my workout clothes, is mozy into the kitchen to have my pre-workout, Energize. I started using it about 2 months ago, daily, and I've noticed a huge boost in energy, for my workouts. And when it's ready to go, it's easier to have everything fall into place. Plus, I actually look forward to it. And, it's coupled with my 24oz Mason jar of fresh water. They go hand-in-hand first thing.
6. WORKOUT WITH PURPOSE. Don't just show up at the gym, stand on the treadmill or in front of your TV and just "do the workout". Have purpose and intention behind it. What do you want to make of today's workout? Yes, often it's just something to get done and off your list, but theme each workout with INTENTION & PURPOSE. Perhaps you can work out on behalf of someone in your life that could use the energy, or dedicated your run to someone that can't....or, use the workout as your time to "meditate" and make a renewed commitment for the day. Try it, trust me, when you get lost in the workout and channel it to someone else, it flies by.
BONUS TIP: Be ready for change. You know the ol' saying, if you aren't willing to make the change, don't expect change. And give yourself some grace, if you aren't the ALL or NOTHING type of person, than commit to making 1 small change a week or a day. Maybe it's just increasing your water in take this week, then next week it's wiping out your coffee creamer.

You know that accountability is EVERYTHING for me to stick to my goals, which is why I get excited for my challenge groups! I'm putting together my next Health Bet group where we are all gunning for a slice of up to $3M that's being fronted by Beachbody. It will take effort and commitment, daily, but the pay off, aside from a slice of the pie, is the internal transformation we have the opportunity to make.

Are you ready? If so, fill out my in-take form below, and let's set some goals!

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