Tabata Arms & Abs

I love Tabata workouts, as they usually require little to NO equipment, little space and they are quick and effective!

I put this Tabata Arms & Tabata Ab workout together for my group fitness Challengers, as a BONUS workout to our programmed workouts.


It is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) type of workout, that lasts for 4 minutes (per round). Quite simply, it's 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, repeated for 8 rounds.

So how about we get to the workout, shall we?

Before you start, always be sure you start with a quick warm up and/or dynamic stretching (more movement stretching). DO NOT do static stretching (holding a stretch) with cold muscles. And also, the cool down is just as important, so be sure you take a few minutes to stretch, post workout.

I suggest you find an App on your SmartPhone and download a Tabata Timer, so you don't have to count :20 seconds each time. They are usually free and easy to use.

Tabata ArmsAlright, shall we get to the workout?

Oh, and last thing (the suspense is killing you, isn't it??), with any workout, be sure you modify as you need! If you need support or suggestions on specific moves and how to motivation - PLEASE REACH OUT FIRST. I don't want anyone to push themselves beyond their current abilities. Moving your body is a feat in itself, so the fact that you are showing up, gets a gold star in my book!


Get your timers ready!

Here's how you will do the workout. You will start with the Tabata Arm movements, complete each move (4 minutes/8 rounds), then move to the next move.

For example:

- Tricep Push Up Punch -

Do this move for :20 seconds, take :10 second break, repeat for 8 rounds (4 mins) total. THEN, you'll move to Pike Press with same format, through until Tricep Dips. Make sense?






TA13639468_10153874785567525_9323570_oBATA ABS

Ok, how are your arms feeling? A little jell-o like? Then you know it was a job well done! :) Again, take a few minutes to stretch out your arms, and if you have time, jump into our next workout.

As with our Tabata Arm workout above, follow the same format. Start with Crouching Knee Tabs, complete that movement for the 8 rounds, then move your way down the list!

Keep in mind, these workouts can be done back-to-back for a great workout of the day, or they can be split up and/or added to the tail end of your programmed workout.

Again, these were bonus workouts I created for my fitness Challengers, so if you want to see more of these or need a more complete program, please take a moment to fill out the form below, and let's talk about what your needs and goals are.

Please comment below with how you do, what you struggled with most and what you surprised yourself with!

Your friend & Coach,





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