I put myself in time out

Yes, I put myself in time out. Sometimes, this Mom of 4, needs a time out. Just like the 4 of my kids need a time out (not the kind in the corner, but the "step away from the situation" kind.

To be honest, the last few days, I've wanted to lose my shit with my kids! It may seem picture perfect through my videos and photos, but truth my told, working from home, raising 2 school aged kids, toddler and crawling (and squawky) baby, is DAMN HARD! I'm not telling you things you don't already know.

14700825_1355138907872298_7049291519958136498_oI had to give myself a "time out" this morning and marinate with my thoughts for a hot second, as the constant shrills, demands of the 2 yr old (and freak outs with a NO) and the baby getting into EVERYTHING, was about enough to crack open a bottle of wine at 8am.

And to be honest, the hate and "I'm right and you are wrong", that I see from my friends on social media, is getting to me. Makes me sad, but I can't change that or the world we live in. So I have a choice, I suppose.

I'm not sure what my point is here, other than the transparency of how hard it can be, being a working Mom. We are in this together.

Some say, why don't you just quit and be a full time parent (well, who isn't a full-time parent, regardless if you work, have Partial custody, etc). Here's the truth, I LOVE what I do, and it's actually my outlet to being a Mom. I love supporting other Moms, validating our feelings and thoughts and empowering change.

Maybe you agree with me or not. But I know I'd likely be in the looney bin, if I didn't have this business, my Team for support and the opportunity to teach my kids about Entrepreneurship.

They don't come without its hardships, feelings of loneliness or internal battles. But in the end, I know I'm doing good for others, and as a result, good for my family.

So here's to you, the Mom that is struggling daily with the roller coaster of being a parent and trying to find balance. We got this.

Don't derail your dreams, because you think it's too hard. It is hard, but we do it together and because we love it.

Want to be a fly on the wall with how I balance (not always eloquently) and run a business as a Fitness CEO? Come join our #MomstrongProject and take 5 minutes to fill out the form below, as maybe it's worth a personal chat to see if it's a fit (Haha, get it??) for you?

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