Digital Blueprint - Make Money Online

The Blueprint to How to Make Money Online will teach you and your future customer everything they need to know about creating, listing, and selling their own award winning digital product on social media.

This 50+ page guide includes:

  • How to choose a digital product that WILL sell to the RIGHT people

  • How to create your high quality, award winning digital product (easily!)

  • How to sell your product in a way that isn't icky or salesy

  • Where to sell your product (spoiler alert: it's NOT Gumroad or Etsy)

  • A digital product creation workbook

  • Email templates that convert (aka, 7 copy and paste emails that are known to generate sales!)

  • RESELL RIGHTS to be able to brand and sell THIS guide if you choose

  • And a TON MORE!

This guide also comes with PLR + resell rights, meaning you will be able to rebrand (make it totally your own!) and resell this guide for 100% profit if you choose! 

"Why would I want this? Won't my customer just buy this instead of my higher ticket item/course?"

This is a great tool to have in your toolbox as a lower ticket item to offer your customer to take them through your customer journey before they purchase your high ticket item (like a digital marketing course for example), OR to add on as an incentive for free when they purchase your high ticket item.

This is a SMART investment to make in your digital marketing business!

This is why you need lower ticket items in your product suite. 

Blueprint - How to make money online