Healing your hormones for good!

Your introductory guide to cyclical nutrition - eating to support your natural cycle.

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Start Balancing Your Hormones Now!


What if you could become a NINJA at understanding your own Infradian Rhythm, and be able to be a bio-hacking wizard around your monthly cycle?

What if you could begin healing your body from disruptive hormone patterns?

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I will teach you to GO WITH YOUR FLOW!

Workouts, nutrition, and mindset all tuned into your natural cycle.

Help your body find it’s natural rhythm again through nurturing foods and exercises.

To truly understand what foods your body needs to be nourished in the first half of your cycle vs the second half?

Or, to create a workout schedule that was custom to YOUR body's physiological needs, based on your cycle?

Or, when to tackle a new project that you've been brainstorming on? 

The wheels are turning, eh?

Our bodies are complicated, but once you can unlock the communication portal within your body's chemistry - so much will start to click! 

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GO WITH YOUR FLOW: What you'll learn....

With all that I've studied, researched, experienced and worked on successfully with clients over the years—it's now in a DOPE ASS, easy-to-follow course for you. Here's the scoop:

  1. Learn how to sync your cycle with nutrition & workouts to alleviate annoying PMS symptoms like bloat & low energy.
  2. Learn exactly what foods are best for each phase of your Infradian rhythm
  3. You will develop the tools to adapt and manage your lifestyle, around each phase of your cycle – what workout to do, when you are in creative mode and when to plan that lavish date night out!


How soon will I see results?

HORMONES are complex, they aren't one-size-fits-all, so don't expect years of build up, to be repaired overnight. Normally you start to notice changes IMMEDIATELY - in your mindset! Physically, in as little as a few days, but with serious work, you’ll be flying high in 2 weeks making these nutritional and movement changes. Oh, and trust me, others will see your changes sooner than you will!! 

I have specific hormone deficiencies (PCOS, Hypo/Hyper-Thyroid), will this be applicable to that?

Yes, we will talk about those in our modules, however, I encourage you to reach out do we can discuss anything specific. Special circumstances are kind of my super power. Shoot me an email at hello@tarynperry.com and let’s figure this out together!

What if it’s not the right fit?

No problem! Just email me directly at: hello@tarynperry.com and we will make find the right plan for you.


Have you ever been so frustrated?

I mean just as you think you’ve figure out what foods work for your desired results….WHAM! Full stop. Nothing changes. Plateau. And heck, perhaps even some weight gain.

And you eat healthy…..ALL THE TIME! Like organic this, low carb that, unprocessed everything, nuts, seeds, limit sugars…the whole nine yards.

Then you graze your social feeds, only to see women, around your age – KILLING IT! And you are like “what in the actual F….she must restrict herself. I need balance. I need to enjoy the process.”

NOTHING, I mean NOTHING to enjoy about that weight NOT budging…

With the daily stressors of life, whether being a Mom/Parent, working FT and/or running a household, there's very little capacity or energy left to figure out your damn hormones. 

Then, throw in aging and all hell breaks loose!

Isn’t aging grand? 

As we get older, our metabolism slows down and we have to make physical adjustments to our nutritional intake, workouts and mindset practices, to get back inline with your monthly cycles. 

It's the most fascinating experience, and I want to take you through it! 

Start today and begin to discover how you can make Hormones your B*tch!! 🤩